Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

ebeCobenatit of PeaceOpenci3. II of Filthinefs that is there, Solomon, the Wifeft of Men could not- find out : Yet this he hád difcovered, viz. the Fountain of it,, namely eligtnaf *Ín ;. or what it was that firs caufed that Breach and War which is be- tween God and all Unconverted Men, or all ungodlyOnes in the World. And now, That it is a fearful Breach appeareth, I. In that Man run away from God, and hid himfelf, And the Lord God calledunto Adam Gent. 3. and faid unto him, Where art thou ? And he faid, IO. I heard thy Voice in the Garden, and I iva6 afraid, becaufe I was naked, and I hid my felf, That God who was before the .Objea of his Love and Delight, was now become Terrible unto him becaufe of his horrid Sin andGuilt which layupon him. a. It was an unreafonable" arc of Difobedi- ence, and molt horrid Rebellion; confidering what God had done for Man, and how Great, Noble and Honourable God had made him.; .he formed Man in his own Image, and made him capable of enjoying Tweet Fclloawhip and Communion with his Creator ; he made him Lard and Governour of all things on Earth, and gave him a lovely, beautiful Spoufe to be a fit help meet for him ; he gave him power to il-and in that happy Mate, tho he left him in a poffibility of Falling to prove his Fidelity and Obedience to his Maker. But Man call: horrid Contempt upon God by his Unbelief. He dii- believed the true and faithful God, and believ- ed the Devil, that Father of Lies, and fo gave more Glory` to Satan, than to his blefied and moil rightful Sovereign. 9