Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

.. f I 6 ebc Dtfp1ap of 1 10 tottO 32fCC : Or, and Stipulation betwixt God and them, God enjoin'd perfea, univerfal and continual Obedience of them, and they promifed and covenanted formally fo to do. 2. Brethren ! Pray confider, The Firft Covenant required Perfect Righteoufnefs ofMan as the condition of his Juftification; dre. and that not enjoined by the Holy God as a Pimple ad ofhis Sovereignty (as force conclude) but as it refulted from his Holinefs, and the Reaitude of his Nature ; It being inconfiftent with the Juftice, Holinefs or Purity of God's Nature, to juftifie any Manwho is not perfeCiy righteous, or wholly without fin, even in Thought, Wordand Anions. 3. That Adam before the Fall had Power to anfwer this Covenant of perfect righteoufnefs, and whichhe was obliged to do ; yet had no Surety to engage to God for him. 4. Moreover, he breaking this Covenant (as you have already heard) he was utterly undone, and all his Of-fpring in him, and his Credit being loft for ever with God, the Lord will not Treat with him any more, nor enter into any Terms of Peace without a Surety, and that too upon the Foundation ofa better Co- venant, or not at all. No meer V. Propoftion. That there was none Man nor in Heaven nor Earth , I mean neither Angel Men nor Angels, that could make up that our make Breach which Sin hath made between God and Man. And as no Man nor Angel could do it, fo noRepentance, noTears, tho Tears of Bloud, no Reformation, nor any Sacrifice, no not a .Thoufand Rams, nor Ten Thoufand Rivers