Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Zbe Dtfplap ofOlogouo 1;115ace : or, Sovereignty ; its atual exiífence in time, was according to his abfolute Decree and Purpofe from Everlafting ; and according to his abfo- lute Sovereignty he governs and difpofes of all things, and may do what he will with his .D2n.4.22. own : All Nations tremble before him, whom he wo-tld heflew, and whom he would he kept alive. The mosi High doth according to his Will in the Pip. 5'19' Armies of Heaven, and among the Inhabitants of the Earth, and none canflay his hand, or fay unto him, what doff thou ? So he bath mercy upon xnd.4.s r whom he will have mercy, and co+rpaf ion on m`9'I7' whom he will have compaffion, and whom he will he hardened). He called Abraham, and reveal- ed himfelf to him, and let the molt of Man- kind in his days remain ignorant of him as to Salvation by jefus Chrift : He alfo entred into a Covenant with the Seed. of Abraham, and gave them his Laws and Ordinances, he did not do fo to any other Nation : And inGof- pel Times he called a few poor and illiterate Filhermen, and filch like Perfons, and let the Phariftes and Learned Rabbins remain under the power of Sin and Satan ; and all this as the aft of his own abfolute Sovereignty, and Good Pleafure of his Will, as our Lord íheweth, At that time efus an/liveredandPaid, I thank thee áat' 11' O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth becaufe 25 25' thou haft hid theft things from the wife rindprudent, and haft revealed them to Babes : Even fo Father, for fo it feemed o ood in thy fadht. So now, at this day, he fends the Gofpel into one Nation, and not into another ; and then alfo in fuck Nations where the Gofpel s