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20 á ,:: large on this Pro- po:ition when I preached this Serb Efie 3.Difpiap of eíogou3Ogice : Or, becaufe he did , not extend like Favour in the Paid Covenant to them all ; fure, no Man, is his right Senfes, will deny him this Liberty Andnow Shall not GOD have like power to difpenfe his Sovereign Grace to whom he pleafeth, who is faid to do all things according to the pleafire of his own, Will, and eternal purpof in. 7í fus Chrift ? Propofition VII. And from 'hence it appear- eth, That t^e Covenant of Peace is the Covenant of Grace. For tho the Covenant of Peace, in refpet had to Chriit, as our Medi.atour, Head and Surety, was upon the Condition of his Merits ; vet as to the Defign, End and Purmon,yet .t pole of it, in refpea of tis, it was only an a& frail refer of Pure Grace ; hence faid to be according to at this Head to ago- the good pleafure of his Will, Ephef. r . 5. And ,on: to the praife of the glory of his Grace, v. 6. oh. 5.16. I . It was the FreeGrace of God the Father to vouchftfe us a Subftitute, a Saviour, a Mediator of this Peace, and to Choofe, Ordain and Appoint his own Son to be the Perfon, and to accept him in our Read. Oh ! What Favour is this ? God fo loved the World &C; 031 3.1 6 2. And it was the Free Grace of God the Son to engage himfelf to the Father, to enter into this Covenant to make our Peace; the Glory of Both Perfons equally thine forth to the amazement of all in Heaven and Earth, Zach. 6.1 3 the Coitnfel of Peace was between them both. 3. Nay, my Brethren, the Free and Rich Grace of God. in this Covenant is to be adored, even as to the Main and Ultimate End and Deign thereof, ..N-ct accardinAA to our Works,