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It Ctje iDtfp1apDf io lotto "flake : Or, that were kept fecret and hid from the be- ginning of the World ; He is that Meffenger, Fen gob.33.23 one of a thoufand : All things (faith he) are delivered unto me of my Father ; and no Man knoweth the Son but the Father ; neither knoweth Mat 11.27 any Man the Father,fave the Son, and he to whom- foever the Son will reveal him. No Man bath feen God at any time, the only begotten Son which in the bofom of the Father, he bath declared him But no more as to this now. i . I (hall prove that there was a Covenant between God and Chrift, or a blefiedTreaty about our Peace before the Worldbegan, fee .Ffalm 89. v. 3. Ihave made a Covenant with my chofn. God firft chofe his Son as the Repre- fentarive, Covenanting Head and Surety of his Ele&, and then Treated with him about the Terms of our Peace. It is faid to be made with David, but no otherwife than as he was a Type ofChrift. It is Jefus Chrift who is the ,'fa.89.28 true David, My Mercy will Ikeepfor him ever- more, andmy Covenant !hallRand faß with him : Hence our Bleíl'edLord, it is faid, was deliver- 4í s 2.23. ed by the determinate counfel and foreknowledge or God. 2. Here are the two . Covenanting Parties zed. 6. 3 the Covenant of Peace i/s between them both : that is, between the Lord of Hoft, and the Manwho vs the Branch ; betwixt them it was confulted, agreed to, or concluded, I waa fit up from everlafting, from the beginning, or ever the Earth reins : that is, as the Covenant-Head of all God's Ele&, or as Mediator and Peace-maker between God and them, and this felting up that,