Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Zbe Cobenant of peace Openn+ Delegated that Office and Power to him, for us, and on our Behalf, out of his own Sove- reign Grace and Goodnefs before the World began. This Name of .214ef Fenger of the Cove- nant doth z .. Denote Chrift's Difpenfatory Employ. ment, Work and Office, and his free and vo- luntary condefcention to undertake in this Treaty, according to the Defign, Purpofe and Will of the Father, as our great Truftee, Embafládor and Plenipotentiary. And 2. He may not only be called The Mefren- ger of the Covenant, as our great Reprefenta- tive to Treat with the Father in Eternity, upon the Terms of our Peace; but alfo in his being Pent from Heaven to Earth, aaually to work about, and accompliíh all things that were agreed on between themboth ; concern- ing the making of our Peace. He travelled fromHeaven to Earth ón this Errand, and tQ effect this bleffed Work. 3. He may be fo called, becaufe he is the Meffenger that publifhed the Happy News of the Peace contained in this Covenant, in the clear and glorious Miniftrationof it : Hence it is Paid, it was firft began to be f oken by the Heb. Lord. Our Lord Jefus is the great Apoftle, and Chief Minifter and, Meliènger of the New Covenant, a Minifter of the Sanel ary, and of the true Tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, and c.8.2,6,í© not Man. q.. He is the Meffenger who loth interpret, open and explain all thofe dark and obfcure Mysteries contained in the Covenant ofPeace, that