Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

32 ZbQDifpin of elo/totto 45)ace ; 4r, What God the Father required, Jefus Chrift yielded to do, which was, to make fatisfa&ion for Sin, in his Body on the Tree, and fo to make our Peace wjth the Eternal Yehovah. I. Confider whó the Perfons tranfa&ing and treating with each other were, even God the Father, and God the Son ; the Father stands upon fatisfaaion to his Law and Juftice,or demands the wholeSumor Price of our Redemp- tion, that fo our Peace might be made, and Chrift engageth togive it. II. Thebufinefs or ,grand Matter tranfaaed, I fay, betwixt them was our Peace andRecon- ciliation unto God, and fo to recover all God's Elea from Sin, Wrath andMifery, and work about their Eternal Happinefs ; theEle&, tho not then in Being, yet are here confidered as fallen, wretched and forlorn Creatures. III. That the Manner or Nature of thefe Tranfa&ions were federal, or in a Covenant- way, one Perfon mutually engaging and fti- pulating with the other : The Father ftands upon the atria demands of Law and Juftice, the Son confents to glorifie the Father therein, and raife the honour of all the Divine Attri- butes, which in time he did do, I haveglorifi- Yo 174,5 ed thee on Earth, I have ftni/hed the work thou gaveft me to do. And now Father, glorifie me. with thine own Self. As if he should fay, the Terms agreed upon, or thyDemands aredone, therefore let me have my Reward, and let mine Elea be made one in us ; Let me not only Perfonally be one with thee, but alto Myfti- c;lly