Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

'tie Carton of a Bore Opcneti. refle& upon his Love to his own dear Son: For why fhould the Son of God be made a Curfe for us, or fuffer the curled Death of theCrofs, tomake our Peace, ifPeace could be madeany other way, without the leaft injury to the Ju- ftice; Law, or Holinefs ofGod, &c. No doubt my Brethren, but that the Son of God had been fpared, if he had forefaw that our Peace might have been made fome other way. Moreover, would it not then follow that there might have been two Ways to obtain Peace and Reconciliation withGod, which is contrary to what our Blefl'ed Lord Pays, No lob., .6. Man cometh to the Father but byme-,that is,cannot come to have Peace with God any other way, but by me, bymyDeath, or throughmy Blood, nor without believing, ordependingupon me : For thus it is. with the adult. s. There is no other way of Peace withGod, and thereforea Neceffity ofChriff's Mediation becaufe without the fhedding of Blood, there is no Heb.ç.2 flemiffion, no Pardon, and fo no Peace ; there could be no difcharge from the guilt of Sin, no removal of the Punifhrnent of Sin, nor any Purgation from the filth andpollution thereof, without the Blood of Chrift he fhed. 6. Becaufe it is pofitively faid, There is no A7. .. 1 sa other Name given under Heaven robtreby we mu be Paved : It there is no other Name, Way, or Means given, but by Jefus Chrift; then there is a Necefhty that our Peace be made aloneby him : But this is fo, thereforthere is a Need, fity of Chriff's Mediation. 37 D 3 in