Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

36 ZbeDU-Alp of togouo ewe : Or, jufa, and the ; ußifier of him that believeth in fe- f, verf 26. that is, That no wrongmight be done to the Efl'ential Purity of God's Nature, or I've&itude of his Will ; nor yet to his imme- diate Juftice, by which hecanntlt but hate Sin, and for it require a Satisfa&ion. 3. In regard of the Truthof God's Threa - ni,ng proñóunced againft all Mankind inAdam, upon his Difobedience, legal Threatnings are fuch, that they admitof noPardon, without Sa- tisfaeaion be made to the Juftice and Holinefs of God; and this was fignified by all tholeTy- pical Sacrifices and Offerings under theLaw ; therefore invindication of theTruthor Veraci- ty of God, together with the Honour, Equity, and Saniion of the Làw, there mull be Satis- fac`Iion made, or no Peace with God, for fallen Mankind; and this could not be done but by fuch a Mediator as Jefus Chrift is. For that which could not be done by Men or Angels, nor as a Pimple Aaof God's Mercy, . without the Impeachment of his .Holinefs,. Truth, and fufiice, &c. could not be done at all : But no pardon, no Peace could be pro- cured by Men nor Angels, nor as an ab- folute or fmple Aft of Mercy, without the Impeachment or eclipling the Glory of the Attributes of God's 7utice, Truth, and Holi- nefs, &c. therefore it could not be fo done at all. 4. To fay God might have entered into a Covenant of Peace for us any other way than by the Mediator Jefus Chrilt, or through his Death and Atonement would (as one obl`erves) retie&