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firbe CDliPltattt ofpraCP DpEttcti4 39 (i .) He being God, the one and the fame Eternal God, he couldnot but knowwhat con- cerned the Glory of his Father ; and therefore would not, could not eclipfe his Glory. (2.) And he being Man, he could not but fympathize withthe poor Creature ; andas be- ing God he did not only know all our Wants, but he is able alfo to fupply them. This brings me to the next particular. III. The Mediator of this Covenant mull Chrifi i therefore be every ways faitably qualified,. or quae71edto capacitated for this Work and Mediatorfhip ; be 1Viedia- and to this end I fay, he muft be God ; nay, tor of the God in our Nature, (for a meer Man couldnot Covewto fatisfie Infinite Juflice) ; his Obedienceor Suf- ferings elfe couldnot therefore have been meri- torious: For it was from the Union of the Di- vine Nature with the Humane, that put filch a Worth or meritoriousEfficacy in.his Sacrifice. I. fay, Jefus Chriftour Mediator muft beGod, whyChrit 1. Becaufe thofeEvils which he was to expi- mutt be . ate, could never be taken away by any Perfon Cody that was not God, or whofe Sacrifice orAtone- ment had not an infinite Worth and Satisfa- &ion in it ; becaufe Sin is againfn the Infinite Majelly of Heaven. 2. iefus Chrift as Mediator muft be God, be- caufe otherwife he couldnot fuflain, or bear in his Body and Soul that great weight of Sinand Wrath laid upon him ; for if but the guilt of one Sin was laid on any meer Man, it would fink him down to the lowefc Hell ; much more then would the weight of all theSins of God's Elea have funk down the,Lord Jefius aria, 1ri' heu