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eke iíplap of4510 ouo Olace + or, when laidupon him, hadhe not beenGod, but a meer Man. How doth David cry out of the rfl. 38.4. burden of his Sins ? MineIniquities aregone over mineHead, a6 an heavy burden, they are too hea- vy for me. Nay, my Brethren, whenour Sins were laid upon our Lord Jefus Chrift, and he began to bear, and feel the weight of them, tho he wasGod, how did he cry out ? and he began Kok 14. to be fore amazed, and faid, MySoul is exceed- 3 37 34. ing forromful, evenunto Death : Tarryyehere and watch, and he rent forward a little, andfell on the Ground : The weight of our Sins and Divine Wrath, brought him down to the Earth. 3. Chrift our Mediator =it beGod, other- wife his Suffering, or the purchafe ofhis Blood could not: have merited all that Grace and Glory for all God's Elea, which indeed it did. Brethren there is a difference between a full Satisfaaion or Payment of Debts, anda Price that is laid down not only to do that, but alfo to merit and purchafe a Right to great Riches, high Priviledges and Hononr. Now if Chrift had only paid our Debts, or fatisfied the Juftice of God as to his vindiaive Vengeance, thowe thereby had been delivered from Hell, yet that Payment could not have raifed us up to Heaven ; no, it is through the Merits of that Infinite Price Chrift laid down, that we come to be the Sons ofGod, and Heirs of Glory ; and all this is through theDignity of his Perfon, and infinite Value and Worthof his Purchafe, as being God ; andalfo as it was the Grant of God the Father to Chrift, in the . Covenant of Peaçe,as thorefult ofthofe Trani .ions, ,, Ho