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he was to deal with God for Man, and for God with Man. Jefus Chrift ought tobe of the fame Stock with thole he Redeemedor Sanctified to God, sEtt®-, of one Stock, of one Blood faith a wor- thy Author ; ` That by the Lawof Propinquity Dr. Man- ` of Blood, he might have right to redeem us ; ton, 4 Vol. ` Goel the next ofKin, had an Obligationupon p. ro84. ` him to redeem his Brother's Land if M.ortga- sged : If thy Brother be waxen poor, and bath Levu, 25® fold away force of his Poffeffion, and if any of23, 26® ` his Kin come to redeem it,thenfhall he redeem that ` which his Brother fold. So of Perfons, If fold, after he is f ld per.q 7,q 8 ` he maybe redeemed again,one ofhis Brethren may 6 redeem him : So Chrift is called Goel, Job 19. ` 25. For Iknow that my Redeemer liveth : Chrift is our Kinfman, not only true Man, but the Son of Man ; true Man he might have been, ifGodhadcreated him out of nothing, or he had brought his Substance from Heaven ; but ` he is the Son of Man defcended from the ` Loins of Adam, as we are, and fo doth re- ' deemus, not onlyure proprietatis, by virtue ` of his InterefL as our Creator, but Y.:ire pro- ' pinquitatis, by virtue of Kindred, as one of the fame Stock and Lineage, as the Son of C David, * as well as the Sari of God, for * The Dr, ` Chrift Jefus, of all the Kindred, was the only faith A- t, one that was free, andable to pay a Ranfome dam. c for us. 5. He muff be Man, as the faid Author notes, That we might find a Fountain. of Holinefs in our Nature, God hath pouredout upon his Hu-.. 43