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seommmmo, %. EbyDtfpfapOt' 0151OttOtlO Owe : Or, red in the Covenant of Peace to be done in the Perfon of every elea Sinner, but in the Per- fon of Chrift, who is the Reprefentative of every one of them. For as we were all made Sinners by one Man, as the Head and Repre- fentative of all his Seed, fo we became Righte- ous by the compleat and perfea Obedience of one Man, as the Head and Reprefentative of all his Seed ; for as the Law being broken by one Man, is imputedto all his Seed, fo the Law being compleatly kept by one Man, Jefus Chrift, is imputed to all his Seed : For ais by one Ron.5.18, Man's Difobedience many were made Sinners ; fo 39. by theObedience of one, fhall many be made Righ- teous. Moreover, Juftice required that the fame Nature that broke the Law, fhould keep the Law, tho room for a Subftitute, or Surety, was referved in the Wifdom and Council of God. 2. Chrift muft be Man, becaufe he muff die ; now God as God (I mean the Godhead) could not die ; Man muft die to fatisfie offended Ju- ftice for the Breach of the Law ; therefore Chriffmuft be Man and die : And by Vertue of the Union of the DivineNature with theHu- mane Nature in his Perfon, the Death ofthrift was a full Satisfaäion to the Juftice of God. 3. He muff be one with us, or elfe how could his Obedience be imputed to us ? For as our Sins was imputed to him, fo his Righteoufnefs is imputed to us. 4. He muft be Man, that he might he a Merciful High-Prieft, being touched with the feeling of ossr Infirmity, he lTuft have accefs to both, he