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COCanard of gateOpenal+ 45 (a.) Moreover Chrift muff be God-man, becaufe the Covenant of Peace was tranf- a&ed with Chrift, not as God, limply fo confi- dered, but as God-man, or as Mediator; and as fo he ftruck Hands withGod, Chrift-God, (as one obferves) couldnot be under the Law, nor reprefent'Man, and take his Law-place ; nor could the Godhead fiiffer, and pay theprice of Blood, nor receive a Miffìon, and Mandates Chrift (imply confidered as God, could not be a Meffenger, nor be fent, nor as God could there be Promifes made to him, nor any Re- wards givenhim,but as Mediator thiswas done. (3.) Had Chrift not been God-man, how could there been two Parties Covenanting with each other about making of our Peace : For Chrift-God, the fecund Perfon, could not con.flitute a Party diftin& fromGod, con- fidered eff'entially one : Iandmy Father are one ; Ark of tke but a Mediator is not a Mediator of one, but God Covenant, is one : Therefore the Covenant of Peace was P* 76 made with Chrift as God-man, God in our I (hail now proceed to thew you what a Mediator lignifies, and fo open the Work of Chrift as Mediator. r . A Mediator properly lignifies a Midler, a middle Man, a Reconciler, or a DaysMan that yob 9.33 lays bis Hands upon both, r11210, one that inter- The Work pofeth, to make up the Breach, or Difference of aria' that is between difagreeing Parties : Now lefus aL Medi4 tor. Chrift is a middle Perfon, and fit everyways tobea Mediator betwixt God and Man, he is at an equal diftance, and equallydrawing near to, and