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q.6 CZ1)C Dtfolap Df tlNottot.O ISDacet Or, and a like relatedunto both, he being God and Man in one Perfon, he is a meet and a proper Reconciler of God to Man, and of Man to God. x Tim2.5. For there is one Mediator between God and Men, Heb.9.I 5, the Man Chrift Yefia ; andfor this caufe he is the Mediator oftheNew Covenant, &c. For as he is God's Son, fo alto he is our Brother or Kinf- man ; and fo the Right of Redemption falls upon him. aria cal- 2 A Mediator muff have a legal Call to this led, or au- Office, or be authorized to manage this great be tborkMe- ed Truk,, as well as be every ways fitly qualified diator. fo to do, and muff be allowed to undertake herein by the- Injured Party. Now, my Bre- thren, Chrift was Chofn, Called, Authorized, andAnointed by the Father to be Mediator,and willingly, as I have fhewed you, he accepted of this WorkandOffice. He did aecually interpofe, or ífep in be- twixt God and Man, and a&ed and executed the Mediator's Office, as a Days-man's part, in this Treaty of Peace, by the Appointment, Call, and Authority of God, God accepteth Ffal.89.3 him for us to makeour Peace ; I have made my Covenant with my Choin : Hewas chofen, Be- Ifa.42.1,6 hold mine ..7le - Again God faith, I have called thee in Righteouf'iefs, and will hold thy Hand, &c. God did with him Itrike Hands with us, the Stipulation on our part was made by him. Ihave laid help upon one that is mighty, Ihave exalted one chofen out of the People. In Chrift we were reprefented by mutual Agreement in thofe Covenant Tranfa&ions with his Father, 3.A