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}e Cobertant of peace Opettcb+ Damnation, but this Gofpel I under&andnot ; I know no Covenant of Peace but that which Chrift made with the Father ; and it is his Work as Mediator to bring poor Sinners toac- cept of the Termsof Peace agreed on in order totheir perfonal anda&ual Intere& in the Blef- fings of the faid Covenant, Chrift mu& change the Sinners Heart by the infuing of his Spirit, and fo unite the Soul to himfelf, by which means he brings the Sinner into the Bonds of theCovenant : The outward means is indeed thePreaching of the Gofpel, but the inward and effèaual means, is the efficacious Operati- ons of the Holy Spirit ; and he that faith it is in the Power of Man's Will to make his Peace, or to lay hold of the Covenant, takes the Workof Chrift's Mediation out of his Hand, and the Crown from offhis Head. I X. A Mediatour many times meets with great trouble, and Difficulties in under- taking to make Peace ; and what trouble hath Jefus Chri&met with ? And what Sorrowhath he undergone from Devils, from Men, nay, and from Divine Juftice, and incenfed Wrath, when he put himfeif in our Law place ? What Reproaches andTemptations did attend him ? What Tears did he fhed ? What Anguifh did .he.feel ? Andwhat a Bloody Agony did he pafs under ? And what a Painful and Shameful Death did he Die ? And alfo what Oppolition and Refìftance, Scorn and Contempt doth he daily dill meet with from Sinners ? Oh ! how averfe are Men to accept of Peace and Reconciliation with God byChrift ? Some contenu his Blood, E.4 iCh ' 55