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54 iZOf DífpIìp of elogoU.I# ewe: Or, 9. He is ablenot only tobring us toGod, or into the Bonds of bvs Covenant,but alfo to keep us in a State of Peace, fo that we fhall not break Covenant with God any more for ever, fo as to lofe his Love and Favour : And as Jefus Chrift bath powerto do this, fo he affair' this Covenant of Peace ingaged to do it. He is able, I fay, and will do it : Brethren, (hall he fhed his Blood to makeour Peace, and fhall henot fecure that Peace tous, or not pre- ferve us in a State of Peace ? I (hall, before I havedone, Phewyou thathe is not only Media- tor, but Suretyalfo of the Covenant of Peace, and he is boundor obliged to perform all thefe things, for all that are given unto him by the Father, and he will lofe not one of them á we are, j;e the Preferved in yefus Chrift, as well as Cal- led. hri 1 V I. A Mediator is not only to bring 114Clediator, one Party to Terms of Peace, but to reconcile le both ns both Parties if poffible. parties one Jefus Chrift is not only to reconcile God to sö the other Man, but alfo Man toGod. AMediator Us not a Mediator of one, but God Us one. God is the offended and injured Party, and Jefus Chrift reconciled God by that Satisfa&ion he made to his I-1°1y Law and Juftice, but hehath another Work to do, which is to reconcile the Elea unto God : Some Men intimate, that altho God on his part in Chrift is reconciled, yet Man is to reconcile himfelf to God, or make see air, his own Peace as well as he can, and that he is pan. Wil -to enter intoa Covenant himfelfwith God,, and latr' oó 's labour to perform thefe things upon *pain of ßäm°