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Ebe &Want of peace Ownt 57 Do&. That there its a Covenant of Peace. made or agreed upon, and Rands firm in behalf of all God's Elea. I am, my Brethren, upon the WorkandOf- fice of Chrilf, as Mediator ofthis Covenant of Peace ; I have gone through an Indu&ion of Nine Particulars, and !hall now proceed : X. A Mediator ought to be indowed Cbrijl a with much Patience and. Long-fuffering for t t ntMe- Peace fake, either from the one or the other Party. Now, my Brethren, Jefus Chriff, the Media- tor of Peace in this Covenant, bath !hewed wonderful Patience; he indured the Angerand Wrath of God ; the Father(mote him, and hid .ym.g.32 his Face from him, he (Pared not his own Son. Andhewas alfo defpifed and reje&ed of Men; yet bore it all patiently ; He ways opprefed and Ifa. 5 3. 7. afficed, andyet opened nothis Mouth ; who when he ways riled, he revilednot again, but commit- I Pet.2.23 tedhimfelf to him that judgeth righteoufly. XL A Mediator muff be undaunted, and chrig an very courageous, and not tired nor weari- Undaunted ed out. and Cou- ra ioub Jefus Chrift, my' Brethren, is full of Cou- Mediator. rage; He 'ball not fail nor be difcouraged, till he ifa.42.4. bathfet Yudgment in the Earth. Thohis Workwas heavy and amazing which he wasto do,yet he faintednot ; God the Father having promifed to uphold him, I will uphold thee ; indeed it was imponible that he lhould want courage who was the Mighty God, the Lord