Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Z+C cOíf lapof efogott0 ewe Lord that faintethnot neither is weary, he bath the fulnefs of the Godhead dwelling Bodily in 0/.2,9. him, I that fpeak inRighteoufnefs mighty toPave Henever fainted under his Burden fo as to caft it off, but faithfully finilhed the Work his Fa- yoJ.I9.30 ther gave him to do ; It ig finifLed, and he bow- ed his Head and gave up the Gho¡t. Chri l a X I I. A Mediator muff be of a mollify- ing Temper, indeavouring to bring bothParties Mediator. to terns of Peace, the one not to stand up to the uttermoff rigour of Juftice further than is abfolute requifite, nor the other to remain flub- born and obifinate. Now JefusChrift the Mediator of this Cove- nant of Peace in this infinitely excelled all that ever undertook fuck anOffice. r . HowMollifying was hisTemper towards God ? True, he well knew God could not in point ofJuftice, confidering his Infinite Holi- nefs, Re&itude of his Nature, and the Sandi on of his Law, abate any thing ; no, not one Farthingof the whole Debt, but muff have full Satisfaffion ; yet Chrift brought the Majeftyof God to accept of his Mediation and Suretifhip for us ; andO howdidGod condefcend tohim herein, who might have vigoroufly exacted a full Satisfaction from the Sinner himfelf, and pot to have admitted of a Subiitute for him ! But the Bleffed Mediator prevails with God to accept of Payment from his Hands infteadof a Perfonal Satisfaaion made by the Sinner; God Yields to Jefus Chriff, and accepts of Payment or Satisfaaion from his Hands ; not in our Perfons, but in thePerfon ofhis Son as Media-