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'TeCalienant ofPeaceOpeneó. 71 preamRuler, whom as a Prieft he purchafed by his Blood ; and all this as he is Mediator of this Covenant of Peace, That Chrift may dwell Eph.3.17, in our Hegrts by Faith, or fway the Scepter i8e there. 5 . Moreover, Chrift as King, will exercifi his Kingly Office, in taking to him hisgreat Authority and Regal Power, and Reign over all the Earth : For his Right is, Ask of me, and I will give t' thee the Heaths for thy Inheritance, and the ut- termoft parts of the Earth for thy Poffelon : ThouPf.2.699. 'halt break them inpieces like a Potters Iref el The Kingdoms ofthis World, are become the King- .1ev,11.155 domof 'our Lord, and of his Chrift, and he ¡hall Reign for ever and ever : And of the increafe offa. 9.6,7. his Government, there (hall be no end upon the Throne of David, andupon his Kingdom, toorder it, and to eftablifh it with ,Yuftice and with 'Judg- ment, from henceforth andfor ever. All the Kingdoms under the whole Heavens, {hall be given unto him, And he(hall poffefs the D.w.7.2.71. Gates of his Enemies This will be made good more fully and vifibly upon the goingoff of the Fourth-Monarchy, and upon the paffing away of the fecond Woe,. or Mahomitan Power, and downfal of the Beaft, and Myftery Baby- lon, which is nowat the very Door,when Chrift will fave his Church from all her Enemies. III. thrift as Mediator is aProphet ; .APro- Chati phetfhall the Lord your God raft up unto you, of Prophet. your. Brethren like unto me : He as Prophet, is the Al 3.22, Minifter of the New Covenant, or the chief 2j. ÿ.9 andgreat Ambaffador of Peace, the chief Shep- herdof the Sheep, and Bifhop of our Souls. F H