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Etc DiOtnp of elogOu0 ewc:. Or,' I. Is to fubdue all our Enemies for us, which indeed he hath effecrally already done, Sin, the World, Devils, and Death, being all brought under his Feet. 2. To give us Laws, Statutes, and Ordinances ; rd.33922. for as he is Mediator, he is our Laingiver, but he Both not give us Laws that by our Obe- dience to them Our Peace should be made, and we be Juftilied : In this Senfe Chrift is no Law- giver ; no, to make our Peace that apper- tains partly to his Prieftly Office, (as I have mewed you before) and partly to his Suretirhip, for fo he paid both our Debt of per- fe&Obedience, and our Penal Debt alfo, and Merited all Grace and Glory for us ; for tho Chrift is a Prieft, yet he is more than a Prieft, viz, a Surety alfo) but he gives us Laws as we are his Free-born Subjeas, whom he Redeem- ed by his Blood, that we might know how to Honour, and Live under him that died for us and rofeagain. 3. His Work cts King is togovern his Church, and every Member thereof;moreover,his Laws in the New Teftament do contain, all thole Rules for the Conftitutionof a Gofpel-Church, and alfo all the Rules of the Government andDifcipiine thereof. q . Chrifi'sWork and Office as King is tofitbdue all the Eleaunto himfelf; I mean, to workGrace in them, and tochange their Hearts, and van- quifh thePower of Sin, and Satan, for this is, and muff be done by that Almighty Power Which he exerts by his Spirit in their Souls, and fo takes poffellion of them as King and Supreaui