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Ehe CvliQttant of pcace Openett. '77 Obedience. to this NewLaw according to thefe Men, is our Evangelical Righteoufnefs, where- by we fulfil the Gofpel, and that our Obedi ence is the Condition of our Juftification be- fore God : Thus Mr. Baxter, Mr. Williams, Mr. Clark of Wickham, andmanyothers. -.And thus is Popery revived. amongft us, and Juftification by Works aíferted by thefe Law and Work- mongers, for I cannot call them Gofpel-Minilte-s ; true, they affirm that Chrift died for our good, but not in our Read; the 1Doc}rine we maintain, is, that he died for our good; But how for our good ? Even fo, that he fuffered as our Head andReprefentative in our Heador room, the ;Yur for the Vnjufl-, or the Surety for the Principal, or .for the Sinner; and this according to the Terms agreed upon in the Covenant of Peace, (and not limply for our good any otherwife) Godbeing in his own Nature ;tuft, as well as Gracious, could not without Wrong, or Injury to his 341-ice, olio -refs, and the Sanélion of his Law Acquit, Ju Itifie and Pardon. any Sinner, without a full Satisfaction to both Law, and juftice, and this muff either be done by us, or -by our Surety for us. 2. We affirm, that the Law ofPerfea öbe- dience refults from the Holinefs, Purity; and 1teditude of God's Nature ; and therefore -it stands as a perpetual Law, and can never be abolished as a Rule of Life, tilo it be taken a- -way as it required perfect Obedience of us, or as a Law of Woirks to be fulfilled and fft sfied for in our own Perfons in point of lurtification. w Do