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Ver.16, 17, t 8. xxvth Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 93 (1.) Confider, 'Tis our bufnefs in the World : Now every one fhould ask for what end he was born, and continued in the World fo long. Our Lord Jefus, :oh. 18. 37. faith, 7o this end was I born, and for this caufe came I into the World; that .I fhould bear wirnefs unto the truth. Every one is lent into the world for fome end ; for furely God would not make a Creature in vain : We did not come in- to the VVorld meerly to fill up the number of things, as Stones and Rubbifh, nor to grow in bulk and ftature as the Plants, nor to enjoy pleafure without remorfe as the Beafts: God would never then have given us thofe higher faculties of Rea.fon and Confcience. For what, end did I come into the VVorld, but to glorifie God in my place ? to aEt that part in the VVorld which the great matter ofthe Scenes appointed to me : Why do I live here ? What have I done in purfuance of my great end ? Mott men live as Beafts, eat, and drink, and fleep, and die ; and there's an end of them ; they never asked in good earneft, for. what purpofe they came hither. (2) Every one is trading far fame body, the Devil or the Flefh, regarding his Ma- kers glory, or his o,vn Satisfa&ion. There is no medium : now which are you do- ing ; trading for Heaven or Hell? (3.) Confider how much you are intrujied with. Look within you, without you, round about you, and fee how much you have to account for ; the faculties of the . Mind, the Members of the Body, your Time, Health; Honour, Elate, lifted up ,ta Heaven in Ordinances, Mat. I1. 23. Much given, Mat. 12. 48. and Neh. 1. 11. Now improve all for God. . :(4.) Talents' are encreafed the more employed : We double our gifts by the faith- ful ufe of them. He that had five Talents, gained other five; and he that had two, other two The more Grace here, the more Glory hereafter. If they be not employ- ed they are loft. How many poor, blotted, withered Chriftians may we find, by flocking their Zeal, and for want of diligent exercife ? But on the contrary, as the Widows Oyl encreafed in the fpending, and the Loaves multiplyed in the break- ing, in Chrifts Miracle, and the right Arm is bigger and fuller of Spirits than the left ; So Grace that decayeth by difufe, groweth by exercife. The Corn fown bringetli in the increafe. (5.) We muff give an- account at lag to God : Luk. i 9. 23. He will demand his own with ufury. VVhat honour bath God had by us as Miniftérs, Magiftráres, Mailers of Families, Husbands and VVives,,Parents and Children, Matters and Servants? Beafts are not called to an account, for they have no Reafon and Contèience as Man hash. VVlnit will you fay when God flail reckon with you, what you have done with your Time, Strength, and Effaces ? If an Ambaffador that is feat abroad to ferve his King and Countrey, fhould return no other account of his negotiati- on, than, I was bufie at Cards and Dice, and could not mind the Imployment I was lent about ; or a Fadtour, I fpent roiotoufly that which I fhould have (pent in the Mart or Fair ; will this pars for an excufe ? (6.) VVhat a fad thing is it to have Gifts for this end, to leave us without ex- vile, as the Gentiles have the light of Nature, Rom. 1. 20. and Chriftians the light of the Gofpel: Joli. 15. 22. If I had not come, and fpoken to them, they had not had fin, but now they have no cloak for their fin. Others have the VVord preached to them, Mat. 24. 14. And the Gofpel of the Kingdom (hall be preached in all the World for 4 wirnefs to all Nations : compared with Mat. 13. 9. knew that a Prophet hob been among them; have advantages and opportunities, but no. heart to ufe them ; only that God may be clear when he judgeth. (7.) VVe improve the Stock of Corruption left us by Adam, why not the Gifts given us by fefus Chriff ? This fire needeth no blowing ; of it Pelf it breaketh out into a flame, and !tall not we fir up our felves, that we may be more ufeful? In ins ploying our Gifts, three things are neceffary, Prudence, Fidelity, and Induffry. a. Prudence. This is neceffary for a Steward or Faaour, Luk. I2. 42. Who then is a wife and faithful Steward, wham the Lord Aid make Steward over his houfbold ? Now there is a twofold Wifdom, a Wifdom that is not from above, and a Wif- dom that is from above, Jam. 3. 16, 17. The firff is earthly, fenfual, devilifh; it ei- ther ferveth for earthly profits, or to give content to the flefh, or to affeci domi_ nion and greatnefs : He that hath this Wifdom, fets up for himfelf, at d will never be a Steward and Fallout for God. And this is torte wife for the ?relent. But the .wif- dome we fpeak of, is, to be wife for the future, that it may be well with us to ail