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95 .SEKMONSuponthe SERi4.XII. there even of thofè that hold much from God, that return him ought of Love and Service ! The Idle and Unprofitable ones are found every where, in all Ranks and Conditions of men. 2. Oblerve, He that had but one Ta*nr, is reprefented as the 'Unfaithful One, and that with good Advice : If the Example of Reprobation and Punifhment had been put in the Servant that had five Talents, or two Talents, we might have thought that men of eminent Gifts, Rank, Quality and Employment in the Chinch, !hall be called to an Account, and punilhed for their Negle& : No, but as our Lord bath laid it, it reacheth his full Scope and Purpofè. For in the infiance of the Ser- vant that had but one Talent, thofe-that had five and two , may eafily know how much forer Punifhment (hall light upon them , if he that had leaf be called to fuch a {Uri& Reckoning for his Non - improvement. However, this we may obferve, That he that had the leali Gift, was Unfaithful : to be fire, thofe that have molt Spiritual gifts, do ufually improve them, and the refi are left without Excufe. 3. Obferve, His Crime is, he meat and. digged in the Earth, and hid his Lords Money. Men dig in the. Earth to find Metals and Talents, not to hide them there. Mark, 'cis not faid he did imbezzle his Talent, as many wafie their Sub- , fiance in riotous. Living , quench brave parts in excels, fin away many precious Advantages of Ordinances and Education, and powerful Convi &ions : No, he did not imbezzle his Talent, but hid it. Mark again , he did not Mifimploy his Talent, as forne do their Wealth, others their Wit, to fcoff at Religion,- or to put a Varnifh on the Devils Caufe ; their Power, to Opprefs and crufh the good : The 'precious Gifts that many have, are like a Sword in a mad-mans hand, they ufe them to hurt and mifehief: No, no filch thing is charged upon this evil and naughty Servant. 'Tis Faith enough to hide our Talents, though is e do, not chufe them. Thar you may conceive of this, I {hall (hew you, 1. His Silt, in hiding his Lords Money. 2. What may be the Canfe of it, in thofe that imitate him.. Firfl, 'Twas a Sin ; Partly becaufe 'twas againfi the command of his Mailer. Iii Luke 19. 13. He gave them a Charge, Occupy till I came : Partly, becaufe 'twas againfi,the end of the Difiribution of the Talents : to keep Money unprofitably . by us, is a lofs ; Was made for Commerce, fo were Gifts given us to profit with- al]; fcattered into feveral hands, to bring in force encrealè to the Lord and Own- er: Partly becaufe 'twas againfi the Example of his Fellow- Servants, who were indufirious and careful to comply with their Charge. s Cor. 9. 2. Tour Z.çal bath provoked very many: And partly, as his Obedience and Account would have been eafier; as 'cis more eafie to give an Account of a fmall Sum, than a greater ; as there is lets Trouble, lefs.Danger, fo his Refufal is lets excufable : And partly, as , 'twas an Abufe of his Mafiers Patience, 'twas long e'er he called him to a Rec- koning. God will bear long with -us in Infancy, Childhood, and Youth, but he will not bear alwayes; if we do not bethink our felves at loft, our Account is hafiened, and God will fuffer idle Servants no longer to have an Opportunity of Promoting his Glory, the, good of others, and their own Salvation. Secondly, What may be the Caufes of Unfaith£ulnefs? Men are taken off from Improving their Talents, Firff, Sometimesby a /loathful Lazinefi, and fhouldthat hinder us, efpecially us that are Servants to God? what man can endures an idle Servant ? though he fhould not whore and ft tal, yet. if he do not his work, you put him away. Every thing in the World coils Diligence, 'and 'hall not we be diligent in our Mafiers Work? How will men labour for a fmall Reward in the World, and is not Heaven worth our molt indufirious Care ? fhall not we be hard at work ? r Cor. 15. 58. The Reward is full propounded to the diligent. r Cor. 3.8. Every man 'ball receive his Reward according to his own Labour : 2 Cor. 9. 6. He that foweth fparing- lv, (ball reap fparingly. Idlenefs is its own Punifhment. An idle man is a Bur= den to hmfelf, like a man buryed alive : When 'cis Morning, would God it were Evening. He Contra &s Differnpers ; .a Key feldom turned, tufts in the Lock ; handing Pools are apt to putrify. David when he was idle, fell into thofe foul Faults : An idle man can think of nothing but the Delights of the Flefh, and fo b:comerh a ready Prey to Sathan. Oh