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Vet. 16,17; z 8. icxv`h Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 97 Oh then (hake .off Lazinefs, and the eafe of the Flefh ! God is at work, john 5. 17. the Creatures are at work, the Sun is alwayes going up and down. Secondly, Another Caufe is a Foolifh Modeffy., and Pufallanimity. ,Oh..this £ hould not be ; We fhould not, like, Saul, ;hide among the Stuff 'when God calleth us forth to fome Employment for his Glory, 1 Sam. so. 22, or with Mofe.t draw -batik, when Opportunity is offered us to be ufeful in our. Generation, .Exod. zo. God can help the ftammering Tongue, and will biefs mean Gifts, when you fincerely obey his Call: Thirdly, Self -love. Phil. a. 21. All men Peek their own things, not the things of fefirs Chrifl Many care not how it goeth with Chrfts Matters; ,if their parti- cular go right ; they ferve their own worldly Eafe, Profit, Credit, Pleafure. Fourthly, Di¡iralling Bufineffes, or love to the World ;: this is digging in the Earth, and hiding our Talent indeed. 2 Tim. 4. Tò. Demas bath for,%aken mg, and embraced the prefent .World. Fifthly,' Fear of Danger, if publickly Alive for God : tome are fo Cowardly, that they are Brow - beaten with a frown; cannot venture a leffer Intereft,' cannot bear a Scoff or a difgraçeful Word ; therefore fneak, loath to, own what they are, or to do for Chrifi and his defpifed Conte ; this is not a Chriftian Frame : Phil. a. 28. In nothing terrifyed by your Adverfaries, which to than is a Token of,Perdition, but to you of Salvation, and that of God. It looketh like Chrifls Bufinefs, he fpeaketli of Endeavours to propagate the Faith of Chrift, and to gain men to embrace the. Gòfpel. VS E, Let us fee if we be found in the Number of the Faithful or 'Unfaith- ful. A negligent Miniftry, a Gallia, a carelefs Magiftrate, an idle Mafter of Family, a floathful Chriftian is like the Servant in the Text : You have your ufe whether you be in a publick or private Station, let us be faithful ; if but one Talent, the fmalleft gifts muff not lye idle, but be ferioufly exercifed. for Gods glory ; if but one, your Temptations are the lets. Private men are not expofed to fuch Dangers as publick Perlons. It will Aggravate your Negligence if when lets is required you are found idle : Oh therefore fhake off the eafe ,of the Flefh, that loathnefs to be troubled with the faithful Difcharge of your' Duty. SERMON