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Ver. 38, 39. the 8th Chapter to the R. O M A N S. 3E3 fouls, which he cannot poftably negleû, Luke 19. 10. The fon of man came to leek and fave that which was loft. His Covenant fheweth his fidelity; r Cor. lo. 13. But God is faithful, who will not filer you to be tempted above what you are able. His nature,.or his Divine Power (heweth his fufficiency. He is God, Phil. 3. 21. and he'is with God, Aeb.7.25. 2. The next great duty islove 5 for love is the mutual bond between us and Christ, as Christ is the bond of union between God. and us. We mutt not intermit our own love; the love of God keepeth us, and we are bidden to keep our felves in the love of God, ynde 21. John 2. 27, 28. Te ¡hall abide in him: and then presently, abide in hint. And John 15. 5. Abide in me, and I in you. The greatest danger of breaking, is on our part 5 there is no fear on Chrifis part. Now we mutt ufe the means; poffefs the heart with the love of God in Christ. We mutt believe the love of God, think of it often, not by light thoughts, but let it be radicated in our hearts, and let us roufe up our felves to love God again, who path (hewed fo much love to us. 2. Let us forecaft all vifible dangers, and not fix too peremptorily on temporal hap - pinefs. There are a world of viciffitudes in our pilgrimage, but all are ordered forgood . to a Chriftian. Let us not too peremptorily fix on life or death, heighth or depth, but beg of God to fanítifie every condition, Phil. 4.12. I know how to be abafed, and how to abound; to be full, and to be hungry; to abound, and to fuser need. We are fubjett to changes; fometimes in credit, and fometimes in disgrace; fometimes in ficknefs, and fometimes in health; fometimes rich; and fometimes tabor 5 there needeth wisdom to carry our felves in profperity, as well as adverfity. 3. Let us get our hearts confirmed againft thefe temptations that may affault our confidences Life, death; if God prolong life, there is occafion for fervice; if death cometh, that is our comfort, Rev. 14.8. Blefed are the dead that die in the Lord. Phil. I. 20. 1 defire to be difolved, bewith Cbrifl which is much better. Death is a paf- fage to glory 5 it (ball not feparate us from Chrift, but joyn us to him, Phil. 1.23. Lay up this comfort againl the hour of death : 'Tis a feparation that caufeth a nearer con - jun &ion. Then Angels: the evil Angels are under Chrift, Col. r. 16. You are never in Satans hand, but Satan is in Gods hands. Then for Principalities and Powers: no Po. tentates have anypower but what is given them from above, John 19. t 1. Thoucouldeft have no power at all againfi me, were it not given thee from above. And Chrift promifeth, Matth: 16. 18. Vpon this rock I willbuild my Church, and the gates of hell (hall not pre- vail againfi it. Things prefent, and things to come. Whatsoever is prefent, is either good or evil; the good things are for our comfort in our pilgrimage 5 the evil fit us for an happier eftate : but we have no affurance of things to come, Matth. 6. 34. Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof. And then heighth, depth. We are acquainted with the heighth and depth of the love of God; we know a more glorious heighth, which is Heaven; and there is a dismal depth, which is Hell : God can provide an harbour for his people turneth the Devils defign quite contrary to his intention. A Table