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A T ABLE of the principal Matters contained in this PAR Ti A Page Bfolute, property of God alone. Zoo Aboie of the Creature to wrong ends is bondage. 201 Al t tingle, do's not difhover what men are. Accufers of Chrif'ians, who. 337 Abtáining fromfame fin, and differentmotives, andwhat are thofe motives. 121 Adams principle, was his rule alto. 36 State blt /id, yet terrene in Innocency. 89 Mortal, and how. 90 Adam the Firftand Second: 114 Accountable we are for all, 001 And what this all. Ib: Addidednefs to worldly things, binders our . Cbriffian hope. 234 Adoption, confquent on profeffon of Faith. 8s Full of love and delight in the law of God. 15j,158 State of Adoption what. 160 Spirit of Adoption, bow differs from Spirit of Regeneration. 162 Éffeft offpirit of Adoption: 163 Tho 'rir not, it might be in all that bear the GoVel. 163 Not equally in all believers. a64 Nor alike known to be in us. lb. In lowefl degrees, and what this infame.164 How conveyed to ún 165 Seek it, Motives anddirei ions. 066 Signs of it. 167 Adoption, a great priviledge. 168,169 Adoption,great fupport of Chriftians. 170 By it wepray, and apply thepromifer. 173 Affeftions, our Afiftion. 220 What. 12.9 Affettionsfrom felt -love: 129 Worldly impediment of Heavenbi life. 18'6 Anger, mifohievous. 117 Afliidions for Chrift, enfre it that we are joint- heirs. 175 Some longer, force Porter to believers, but their reward of equal duration to all. 183 Under Affiidions, do nothing unworthy of your hopes. 243 But pray. 244 All Aflii &tons work for ourgood, if we love God: 268 Exemplified. 269,270,271 How certain this is. 271 What goodthis io. 271,272. How wrought. 273 Wait on God in Afi &ions, and why. 274 Be good by it; fo'tis a bleing. 2.74 Our work is to bear and grow better by, Ws Gods work to put end to Affli- ¿bons. 275,276 What gain by them. 2.76 They teach us, and bow. 277,278,2.79 In deepeft Affliaions God with us, and 'bow. 359 Increafe Grace. 364 Glor fe God. 365,366 Agenda of Cbriflianity lets controverted than a. Credenda. 361 All, together work for goodto believers. 2.67,2.68 Tot not fin, and why , 269 All things with Chrifi, given to believers: 326 Animal Life, muff be put off, 89,90 Anfwer to prayers unanfwered. 273 Appeal from Law to Go,/pel. 3 ,338,344 From Judge to fudge. Appetite fenfitive, may totome things be plea 344 Jed without fm. 43 When this is. ib. Arguings for fin. 65 Againft it, for duty too weak. 1 Affent of Faith, renewed. 86 Affurance cleared by our fulfilling our cove- nant with God. 36,47 MD ance continually needful, and why.134,246 Affembly general, our encouragement tobope.2.35 Atheifts convinced. ib They credulous. 140 Foolifh, and venture on the worft fide. ihr B BAllancing Eternal-futures, bears up the fufferingChriftians. 368,369 Baptifm. 49,86 Impplietb doing and fi: ffering. 392 Obligeth us to obey Chrift. 102,103,109 To mortifie the flefh. 113,124 Too long forgotten by us 113 Baptifm Confecrated Cbrtft captain of Sal- vation, and Satan prefentlyaffáulted him, fo Cbriftians. 6i. Believers not united to the Church firft, fo to 3 Chrift by the Church. 4,5 How come to be inChri . Set themfelves to Believe, andarebene.5'6 fired. 86 Sin, but not of defsgn. 103 Well guided andguarded 151 y,°ow hidden. 189 And who. ib. To wham 190,191 And why fafety in Cbrifis love. 357 Beneficiaries malt obey God. 102,103 Benefits good, gifts, talents,and to be ufed as fach.. for Bind us to obey God. tors Bent and bufinefs of the foul for God. 49 Birth, new ground ofAdoption. 161 Body, how to be denied orgratifed in delights. 71 Dead, bow. 88,91 Therefore prepare for it: 91 Overcared the foul neglefted. 91 Body fanflifed. 96 What we owe it. 100 'Tis fubjeft to the foul. rob Bondage, in which all are, till madefree. 20 And what both are, ib. How came upon us. 21 State of Bondage. It may bring cn converfitn 153,154 M5 %