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The TA3d.E. Pag. 6 May remain. 34 In part upon Believers. 1 Whence 'te4 whether flare of Bondage be good or bad. 156 Bondage of the creature,. vox Bordering on carnal World mifchievour to us. 47 Tottuedofo. 190 Borrowing above what tue can pay is fiecious Robbery. 17 Broken f irit under terrors, not to he fighted; .defred, chafen, or relied in. 157 This fpirit of Bondage on us, while love is emyerfett Tee over-b ellanced by fpirit of love ib Bufinefs òf Believers with, and his bappinef in God Cohomongood byCbriflians be managed 75' by beg principles 78 C C¡'^1Arnal minded, what 54,51.56,ç7 t-/ Carnal men know not God SS Are not affected with what they do know ib. Think meanly of Chriftians 77 Calvin hardly fpoken of Callirigtshófold, andwhat 687,i4 Call by the word twofold, and what inefi-ela al, what effeftual 288 Its properties 289 The ends of it ib. To'hewGod'0 Rifdom, Power,Goodnef 389 Difcovery of Gods love 290 +YY }.a our profit j, , Obeying this Call, what _ 292 Theo Call effeft of Predeflination 307 Checks of Confcience to be regarded r r 5 Diffir from repugnancies of new Nd- ture, and how 134 Child -like love, obedience, and dependence . on God X63 Carriage toward God our Father zgo,169 Prove us Children 179 Cbriftsfatisfaition 324 And offefts ofit 3 7'o be in Chritt what , Lord of new Creation 11,12,14,356 A head to hi, 17 Died, becaufewé couldno other ¡ways be delivered 2,6,27 , He was true man And why A Sacrifice for fin He hialeth oirn naterei Mortifies fin 24 to fitteft example fa. ús to follow 78 le in Believers, what and how 88,305,328 Ìtuletb 8 8 Love to Chrift onfiraine; and lib* i28 It mortifies fin 134 So doth his Death 136 Chrift whole,not by parts enjoyed by belivers 14.o Rath double inberitance,and What 'tis 178 Died to expiate our fine 17 8 Rath preeminence 298 Openeth the deer to God' 250 Our example 301 And encouragement 01. lip* we ¡nay bi like him 303 In fevi n di re Ilion, he was delivered forPag, us,andhcw. 325' Given for, and given to no, ho'w differ 328 Chri(ìs love to his, what Chtiftians of [tile kinds 374.375 Few like Chrift [9,1oó thew a principle and power op- 3O2 poftte to fejh 76 Their life lhould.convince the world 78 Indeedwb! All flub háve the f irit 79 Different firm of Chriftians 0 TrueChrißianity what r They are warned to take heed o oule fins 127 Are by the f irit éxaelll made l like Cl1tid, and wherein 14 Children of God be manifefled Might live faf above enemies 32 And how 320 Are compleatly provided for 3zo,324. Church finally conquers 326 Condemnation, what Freedom from it 34P- Itis either by law of Works or Grace 2 The ward of God, the rule of it z When final and eternal y' Fears of it hardly rid Deferved by fin, Original and Aftsal 34 Converfion 3 371 2 Dreaded by Coüfciencb How we exempted . Out efChrift, under Condemnation 7 Conformity to Chrift in áflielions,in holiisefs¡ in glory Corruption of nazi 299 Crucifixion, á painful and floameful death 137 Conquerors and more ; Chriftians 366 How, and who 367 Cohfcience 3,2.2,o5,071 Checks for fsn.urges to duty 3j 13R Prefgn fes Gode fudgmentí 3 Isárulé í7r Not to be ThofromfpintofBcndage 147,343 flighted When from fpirit of Adoption 070 Prefuppofeth a God and a Law Conviflàon fmother'd, tend to Atheifm x78 Where Cbngif'fioio begin Converfationgood,wherein 111j116 Converfion what 16 God dab allat frll, yet we maßß do, and 5,6 28- whet xis ib. 29 'Tis a mighty Work 1 30,31 Cóáenantstwo 35 40 34, 36 , Of nature brings us under fears Covenant of Grace a Law, of the fpirit, and i> why - 9,10,1 i Hats all requifites of a Law 11, Is Chrifls Law 17 Giveth liberty 20 Set up a remedy for no 24' Creatures as Inch, fnbjeels of God 35,36 Their "late Iliad be renerfed, and howpro biebllf fg b D,Eath and fin go together How many kinds of Death, and what éiicb is 8 faG ltd