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Ver. 3 I. xxvzb. Chapter of St. MATTHEW. I 5 3 2. For the evil Angels, the Scripture is exprefs, t Cor. 6. 3. I not that we fhaß yudge Angels : That is, as evil Men, fo evil Angels : So z Per. a. 4. God (pared. not the Angels that finned, but earl them down to Hell, and delivered them into Chows of Darkne /s, to he íeferved to the yudgment of the great Day. Though Alley are im- prifoned in the Pit of Hell, yet referved for further Judgments. God's trrefiftible Power, and terrible Juftice over ruleth, tormenteth.anç reltraineth;thern for -tfte prefent : There are the Chains of Darknefs ; yet there, is a more high meafure of Wrath; that Ihall light. upon them at the Day of Judgment. Where any Accef- fion, or confiderable Increafe Ihall be made, either to the Happinefs or Punifhment of any Creature, there that Creature fhall be judged. Now, there is no fuch con - tìderable Alteration, or increafe of Happinefs to good Angels, as to Men : And, on the other fide, there is a confiderable Alteration as to wicked Angels ; Math. 8..20, Art thou come to torment vu before the time ? They know there is a Time coming, when they (hall be tormented more than they are yet : And betides, God's Juffice was never publickly manifefted, and by any folemn Aft glorified, as to the Puni{h- ment of the evil Angels for their Rebellion againft him.; but was refereed for this Time. Betides, as God would now receive into Glory the Good and Holy among Men, and therefore would firft begin with their Head, which is Chrift, fending`him in Power and great Glory ; fo on the other fide, when God would punifh the Dif obedient, he would begin with condemning their Head, who. is the Devil ; and is firft call into Hell, as a Pledge of what Ihould light upon all thofe that follow him, and are feduced by him. I could fay more, but I forbear. 7hirdly, There remaineth one Circumftance in the Text ; and that is, Chrills Throne of Glory ; which becaufe it is wholly to come, and not elfewhere explained in Scripture, we muff reft in the general Expreffron. The Cloud in which he corn- eth, potfrbly (hall be his Throne ,Or, iryou will have it further explained, you may take that of the Prophefie of Daniel, Chap. 7. 9, to. I beheld all she Thrones were cafl down, and the Ancient of Dayes did fit ; whore Rayment was white as Snow, and the Harr of his Head like the pure Woolf: His Throne was like the fiery Flame, and his Wheels as burning Fire. A fiery Stream iffued, and came forth from him : Thoufands mini/lréd unto him, and ten :hoof-and times ten thoufand flood before him : The lodgment was fet, and the Books were opened. I cannot fay, this Prophefie is intended cf the Day of Judgment ; but as they Paid of the Blind Man, foh. 9.9., Either'tis he, or it es very like him ; fo this is it, or very like it. And in the General you fee, it defcribeth that which is very Glorious : Or you may conceive of it by the Defcription of So- lomon's Throne : r King. to. 18, 19, 20. Moreover, the I(png made a great Throne of Ivory, and over-laid it with the belt Gold : The Throne had fix Steps, and the Top of the Throne was round behind ; and there were Stayes on either fide of the Place of the Seat, and two Lyons flood behind the Stayer: And twelve Lyons flood an the one fide, and on the other, upon the fix Steps : There was not the like made in any 1(ingdom. It was high and dreadful ; but not worthy to be a Foot -lfool to this Tribunal. The V S E of all is Exhortation : To prefs you to propound this Truth, . 1. To your Faith, z. To your Fear and Caution, 3. To your Love, 4. To your Patience, 5. To your Hope ; That all thefe Graces may be the more exercifed upon this occafion, that you may believe it, and confider it. (t.) Propound it to your Faith ; be perfwaded of it. We are fo occupied in prefent things, that we forget, or do not mind the future : And Men that are in love with their Lufis and Errors, love to be ignorant of thofe. Truths, the Know- ledge whereof might difquiet them in following thofe Lulls : z Pet. 3. 5. This they are willingly Ignorant of. But we had need to call upon you again and again, to believe there things ; that the Lord lefts; (hall come in his Glory, with his Angels. They that are Slaves to their Lifts, ftrongly dire an Eternal Enjoyment of the pre- lent World, and labour to banifh out of their Hearts the Thoughts of the Day of Judgment : The found Belief of it is not fo mush encountred with Doubts of the X Under-