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a 124 SERMONS upon the S E R M. XV. Hours, and precious Time ? No ; he bath ordained them for fome Service, which at length they are to give an Account of ; as the Mediatour did of his Work : joh. 17.4. I haveglorified thee on Earth, anihave finifbed the Work thougavef? me to do. 2. This Work is not of one fort. Some are called to an higher, foine to a lower Imployment, fòme Noble, force Citizens, force Fathers of Families, others Matrons or Mothers of Families, force are Magiftrates, force Minifters ; but every one muff: do their Duty in their Place. Chriftianity falleth in with Natural Relations. t Cor. 7. 20. Let every Man abide in the fame Calling, wherein he scats called. God gives every Man his Work : Mark i 3. 34. The Son of Man is, like a Man taking a far journey, who left his Floufe, and gave Authority to his Servants, and to every Man his Work. 3. The Work of our Callings muff be conflantly and diligently attended upon. A Rich Man cannot fay, I have no need ; therefore, I will attend upon my Calling at my Pleafure : You muff not confider your prefent Need, but your future Account. The Bafenefs of a Man's Calling mutt not be a Difcouragement to a poor Man ; fee- ing God counteth himfelf honoured in the loweft Service, as well as in the higheft ; and bath promifed the Reward of the Inheritance tò Servants, as well as Nobles, Luk. 3.2 3. Knowing that ye (hall receive the Reward of the Inheritance; for ye ferve the Lord Chrif?. 4. Every one that feeleth any Tedioufnefs growing upon him in his Work, fhould of- ten rowfe up himfelf, by confidering, (r.) The aaive Nature of Man was never made to be idle ; and (hall we crofs the Law of our Creation ? When the Beafts lie down in their Dens, Mangoeth forth to his Labòur and Work till the Evening, Pfal. r 04. 23. (2.) The Precioufnefs of Time, which is to good to be loytered away upon meer nothing : We fhould buy it at any Price, not walte it. Ephe f. 5. 16. Redeem theTime. We (hall with we had done fo, when'tis too late. (3.) The Eye of God, who olferveth every Many in his Station, how he acquit - teth himfelf with good Fidelity. Eye Service, with refpea to Man, maketh us un- faithful, . Ephef. 6.6. but Eye Service, with refpea to God, is the great ground of Di- ligence ; Col. 3. 22, 23. (4.) The near Approach of Death. Would we be found eating, drinking, playing, (porting away our precious Time ; or diligently employing our felves in our Callings, at that Day ? Luk. 12.43. Bleffed is that Servant, whom when his Lord cometh, he (fall find fo doing. (5.) Our Accounts, which mainly concerneth, a. Our particular. Calling, and that courfe of Living wherein we were fet to glorifie God. The unprofitable Servant will be cal? into utter Darknefs, Matth. 25. 30. God will judge all according to what they have done in their Places ; and then what will become of the Idle, and the Sloath- full ? 2. In our general Calling, as Chriftians. Take heed of being naughty and floath- ful'Servants. Firf?, Let us enquire who may be clrarafterized with this Brand ? s. Who ? Thofe who complain for want. of Strength ; yet do not diligently ufe the Means, whereby they may be quickned and ftrengthned : they are idle, and lie up- on the Bed of Eafe, and complain that God doth not give Grace : Languifh for Com- fort, rather than fet about the Work of Obedience. Chrift telleth "his Difciples, job. 14. 21. He that hath my Commandments, and keepeth them, be it is that loveth me ; and he that loveth me, (hail be loved of my Father ; and I will love him, and manifef? my felf to him. 2. That content themfelves with a loytering Profe /on, when their Hearts fwarm with noyfom Lufts ; and are unfurnifhed of Faith, and Love, and other necetfary Graces ; and yet think a lazy Profetfion will' ferve the turn. Matth. 7.22. Many!hall fay to me in that day, Lord, Lord, we have prophefied in thy Name, and in thy Name cal? out Devils, and in thy Name done many wonderful Works : And then will I profefs, Me- tier knew them. Becaufe they pray, and hear, and Receive Sacraments, they think all is well, and they have no more to care for. Is this Working out our Salvation with Fear and Trembling ? Phil. 2. 12. Serving God in f?antly, Day and Night ? A. z6. 7. Labouring for the Meat that perifbeth not ? Joh. 6. 27. Denying our "elves? Luk. 14s 26. That fnuff at a little Mock- fervice, as if an intolerable Burden. Mal. t. 13. What wesrátefs is it? 4. The