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Ver. Id 2. xxvth Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 7 counterballance °all temptations to the contrary. They feem to have their hearts loofened from the World, and to preferre Chrift before the Creature, as long, as no Temptations do affault, or fenfual ObjeEs Rand up in any confiderable ftrength to intice them, but then they bewray their weaknefs. But that Faith that is íèrious and hearty, doth fo believe the Promifes of the Gofpel, as to feek Happinefs in them, to make it his bufinefs fo to believe the myfteries of our Redemption, as to build all his Comfort and Peace upon them ; fo believe the Commands of God as to frame his heart to obferve them : in Short, to improve every thing to the ufe of Holy Living. II. The next Theological Crace is Hope : Here was an expeaation.of the Bride- grooms coming as well as a belief of it : all Chriftians profefs that they expeEt Chrifi to come to Judgment, and many defire and hope to be entertained at the Nuptial -feaft as well as others, and hope to goe in with him into cceleftial Joyes : Now there may be much of this in temporaries, not only a bare Profeffion, but force real motions this way ; Oh how often are they preffed to keep on this joy and comfort ; Heb. 3.6. Whole houfe are we if we hold fall the Confidence and rejoy- cing of the hope firm to the end : And Heb. 3.14. For :ve are made partakers of Chrift, if we hold the beginning of our Confidence ftedfafl to the end : And to maintain it with all ferions diligence, Heb. 6. I. that it may grow into more certainty : But to evidence this to you, let us fee what Christian Elope is : It feems to be delcribed by the Apoftle, Rom. 2. 7. Thofè that feek for Life end Immortality by patient continuing in well doing ; or a Looking for the Mercy of God unto Eter- nal Life, íude 2r. Or more formally, a certain earneft or defirous expeaarion of bleffednefs promifed, in that way wherein 'tis promifed. We believe there is fuch a bleffednels, therefore wait with earneftnefs and patience. 'till it come to pats, and exercife our Selves with all diligence for the obtaining it. True hope ever quickened' our diligence, Ac . 24. ih. Arid herein do I exercife my felf, to have al- wayes a Conference void of offence towards God, and towards men : Molt Interpreters fay, Hereupon do I exercife my Jell ; he had fpoken of the hope of 'free', fo that 'twas upon the account of his hope he did ufe that diligence : But more plain- ly, Alto 26. 6, 7. Vnto ,th.ich hope our twelve Tribes fervino God diligently, hope to come: A man that hopeth for any thing, will earneftly purfúe it in the way where- in 'cis to be obtained, and follow his work clofe day and night : There is an Hope that is but a devout ¡loth; but the true Christian is lively and active, r `doh. 3. 3. He that bath this hope in him, purifieth himfelf as Chrift is pure : Ignorant Peo- ple fay they hope well, that he that made them shall lave them, but live as if they fled from Heaven and Salvation ; but the true hope encourageth us to hold on our courfe with diligence and chearfulnefs, netwithftanding the troubles and difficulties, and temptations we meet with in the way to it : They make it their confiant work and bufinefs ; now they that are unrenewed may go far in hope, efpecially when they are under the Initial work of the Spirit ; they may have not only the carelefs mans hope, which is a fleight and fuperficial hope, which groweth upon them they know not how, without any warrant or ground ; nor a dead and cold hope, which is the fruit of Opinion, a lode and fond conjeaure rather than a certain expeEtation ; but an Hope that bath force Life in it ; nor the Prefumers hope, which is a lazy loytering Hope, that fevered] the end from the means, but may have forne lively rafts, which for a while lets them a work in the fpiritual life ; but the fault is, 'tis not fo fixed as it fhould be, neither loth it beget in us that confiant affduous labour, ferioufnefs andSelfdenyai, but enough to keep up a blazing Profeffion, but doth not make them fó earnest for the Poffeffion of what they hope for. III. The third Theological Grace is Love or Charity, Love to God, and love to our Neighbour : there is fomewhat of both here ; they were well affected to the Bridegroom, they went forth to meet and carry Lamps before him, for his Ho- nour as well as Light ; and they went in confort and company with their fellow - Virgins : So Some are fo well affe&ed to the wayes of God, as to make Profef- Bon of them to the People of God, fo as to walk with them. But let me (peak of Love to God ; Love to God is not a fellow-like familiarity, but ready fitb- jeEtion to his Laws : If ye love me, keep my Commandements, John 14. t 5. and a yob. 5.3. For this is Love, that we keep his Comtttndments : Now they may fo far do this, as to make Profeffion of the wayes of God, and walk blamelefs.rn them as to