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S SERMONS upon the S E R M. I. to men, yet ftrangers to Heart mortification, and a true prefererìe of God in the Soul. The knowledge of Chrift may make men cleanfe their external Converfati- ons, but live in fecret love with fome lifts which they ferve in a more cleanly man- ner. They love Happinefs more than Holinefs, they love God but do little for him. Labour and Love are often Spoken of; they have not that a&ive and ferious dili- gence that is commanded in doing the things that pleafe God. Then for Love to the Brethren, they may magnifie the People of God, 4th 5. s 3. joyn with them, and do many offices of Love for them ; but the Heart needs to be purified, before there can be that unfeigned love to the Brethren, r Pet. a. 22. And 'tis not cafe to hold on in the wayes of God in all Conditions. There are many fins contrary to the grace of Love, pride, envy, £elf - feeking, felf -love, wrath : it muff be fuch a Love as floweth from holy Principles, and breaketh out in real performances : And this to be carryed out in a Chriftian manner, will be found very hard to doe. 2: Second Reafon, Though a common work may go far, 'tis not likely to bold out : Their Lamps went out, and they had no Veffels to fupply them. Notwithftanding the fudden pangs and fervours, and forward Profeffion of Temporaries, yet ufually they fail in the iffue : they believe for a while, Luke 8. 13. and hope for a while: Col. a. 23. If ye continue Ftedfaii, and be not moved from the Hope of the Gospel: Love for a while, Matth. 24. 12. The Love of many £hall wax cold ; and good reason, part- ly, becaufe they have not the grace to which the Promife of Perfeverance is made : There is Doming perfeverantia, there is fuch a thing as the gift of Perfeverance, and 'tis .allured by Promise to fpecial raving Grace. Now they that have not this radi- cated fiate of Grace, have not this Promise ; for Chrift faith, John 4. 14. The Wa- ter that I £hall give him, /ball be a well of water fpringing up to eternal Life : A Crufe may fail, a Bucket emptied, a Pond dryed up, but a Fountain is ever flowing and never dryed up : Therefore David prayeth, Let my Heart be found in thy Stata`es; that I be not afhamed. When the Heart is not found before God, diforders break out before men, and many that make a fair thew for a while, afterward fhipwrack themfelves, and all their Credit for Godlinefs. And partly, Becaulè where the Heart is not thoroughly converted to God, evermore fòmé temporal good thing lyeth too clofe to the heart, and hath a deeper rooting there than Grace can have. And these bafe and carnal delights will in time prevail over the Intereft God hath in the Heart. Heb. i a. r 3. That which is lame, is. foon turned out of the:way. De mas bath forfaken us, and embraced the present World. Men of an unfound Heart have fome temptation or other that carryeth them quite off from God ; as old Eli fell and brake his Neck, fo they break the neck of their Profeffion. 3. Third Reafon, Why many that are Virgins come short of the Nuptial Feaft, becaufe if they should hold out a confiant Profeffion, it will not be enough to qualifie them for Heaven and everlaFting Happinefs. 'Tis poffible an unrenewed man may never fall from his Profeffion, yet he can bring nothing to perfe&ion. Luke 8. 13. The Stony ground fell from their profeffion, but theThorny ground brought nothing to perfe ion. All are not exposed to great Tryals ; Oh t nothing but a real Convey- lion will qualifie us for the Kingdom of Heaven. The foolifh Virgins cafe was as fair and as good as the other, till the Bridegroom came. Matth. r8. 3. Except ye be converted, and become as little Children, ye cannot enter into the Dingdom of Heaven: The Sentence is abfolute and peremptory. So 7oh. 3. 3. Except a man be born again, he cannot fee the IQngdono of God. Nothing lets than renewing Grace will ferve the turn : Be a man in appearance better or worfe, a grols Sinner, or a painted Phari- fee, a hopefull beginner, or one of long standing, except ye be born again, ye can- not fee the Kingdom of God. r. 4Jfe, Is to /hew, how far from Salvation fame are, if thole that have fome kind of Faith, and Hope, and Love, may come short : As for inftance, First; All .praetical Atheifts, and Infidels, that Scoff at Chrifis coming : 2 Pet. 3. 3, 4. In the last dayes there £hall come fcoffers, walking after their .own lofts, faring, Where if the pro. mire of hie coming ? Some that they may fin the more securely; queftion the fecond coming of Chrift, or banish out of their Hearts the thoughts of the day of Judge- ment. Many, that went out to meet the Bridegroom, yet were foolifh Virgins, and ,were shut out. Secondly Flagitious perlons, or fcandalous Sinners, that neither refpeft Chrift nor his people, that make no 'hew nor preparation, are neither Virgins, nor