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18o SERMONS upon thé S E R M. XXII. is in Chrift's Blood, Chrift's Obedience, his Ranfom and meritorious Price. 3. Our Works, or what we do to fulfill the Law of God, are not that lnfrument by vertue of which we apply the Merits of Chrift to our felves ; or receive that Righteoufnefs by vertue of which weeare reconciled to God : Our Intereft in the Me- rits of Chrift, our Right to Pardon of Sin, and Grace, Both not a rife from Works, but meerly Faith, Rom. 3. 22. So that in the Plea of Juftification, or our Suit for the Pardon of Sin, we muff renounce all our good Works, and wholly rely on the Merits of Chrift, giving up our felves to do the Will of God : 'Bate this, and then Works indeed come in as the fruits of Faith, as Evidences of Eternal Life, and the way to Glory. (2.) The Carnal - Gofpeller is the other perfon we have to do with And to him we fay, I. That no man can maintain his Comfort, and faithfully relye upon Chrifts Merits, but -he that is faithful in doing his Fathers will : No ether Faith is allow- ed by the Scriptures for found, in the Judgment of our Confcíences, but filch a Faith, Gal. 5.6. For in Chrift 7efus neither Circumcifon availetk any thing, nor Vot- circumcifon, but Faith which worketh by love : No other Faith will be approved by Chrift for found at the Taft day, Mat. 7. 21. Not every one that faith unto me Lord, Lord, Pall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven ; bat he that Both the will of my Fa- ther which is in Heaven. 2. That the doing of force good Works, cannot excufe men for the Omiffion of others which be as neceffary ; we muff not do one aft Of Charity only, but all : Many alts are reckoned up of one kind, to imply all the reft ; not only fed, but cloathed ; not only cloathed, but vifited : Therefore, betides the goodnefs of the work which we are bound to do, there muff be an Uniformity in them. There are good Works of divers kinds, many Works ofthe fame kind : To Prophefie in Chrift's Name is a good work, to calf out Devils would feem to us more excellent than thefe men - tioned ; as the Workers of Iniquity, Mat. 7. 22. Many will fay unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophefaed in thy Name, and in thy Name call out Devil , and in thy Name done many wonderful works ? Ver. 23. Then will I profefs unto them, I never knew you ; depart from me ye that work Iniquity. Then there are many works of the fame kind ; we muff not only vifit, but cloath ; not once, but often : The fame Fàith which inclineth our Hearts to works of one kind, will incline them to every kind ; for they all ffand by the fame Authority, and 'tis not agreeable with Sincerity to balk any of them. 3. Thefe Works muff be done fo heartily, as that it may appear we have de- nyed all for Chrift, and love him above all; or that it may appear they are fruits of Faith and Love. The parting with worldly Goods implyeth, our Hearts muff be loofened from the love of temporal things : And the Vifrtingg of Chrift in Pri- fon, which may be for Righteoufnefs fake, implyeth our Vi Cory over our fear ofDanger ; otherwife it argueth our Faith is weak, and our Love is cold ; and fo not fincere, not prevailing over us in fuch a degree as will argue Sincerity. There is Faith unfeigned, z Tim. s. 5. and Loving in deed and truth, r Job. 3. 18. Faith Vnfeigned ; as when Temporal things feem nothing to us, and are eafily parted with ; and Love in Deed, and in Truth, is to relieve our Brethren with our Goods, yea, to give our lives for them, if need be, as appeareth ver. 16, 17. But alas ! Love in moil Chriftians is cold ; it will neither take pains, nor be at charge, much lets lay down Life for them, as Chrift did fdr us; do little to maintain, comfort or fupport Chrift's Servants in diftrefs. (3.) The Broken- hearted, Serious Chrifian, that thinketh Works can never have enough of his care, or too little of his trutt ; that is alwayes hard at work for God, and yet feeth God mutt do all at lati : He is perfwaded that Grace doth not weaken his Duty, but enforce it ; yet, when he hath done all, counteth himfelf but an `Unprofitable Servant, and is till approving himfelf unto God more and more ; and yet the more he doth, the more daily need he Teeth ofChrift : No man liveth under a greater dread of the Holinefs and Juftice of God, yet flyeth oftener to his Mercy : We mutt comfort thefe. i.. Confider, God obferveth all the Good that. we do, and pondereth every APri- on, of what kind foever it be; whether giving Food, or Cloathing, or Harbour, or Entertainment, or Vifiting, or Comforting ; 'twill all be fruit abounding to your account, Phil. 4. 17. The more you abound in Aáts of Communion with God, or Re-