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Ver. 35, 3 6 xxvtb Chapter of St. MATTHEW. i 8± Relief towards fuch as are in Mifery, the greater will your Reward be in the laft Day. There is Fruit for our Account, and Abounding for our.Account. 2. The leaft A&ions done for ChtijPs fake, (hall be rewarded by Him ; for Tome of the A&ions are more ineonfiderable than the other ;, yet, if done for Chrift's fake, a Meals Meat, a little Harbour, yea a Vifit is taken notice of by him.: He doth not fay, Te feafíed me, ye made me fumptuous Entertainment; But, Te gave me food, ye eloathed me, ye vifited, &e. The leaft Aaion done for Chrif't's fake, (hall not go unrewarded, Mat. to. 42. Whofoever (hall give to drink unto one of theje little ones, a Cup of cold water only, in the name of a Difciple, Verily Ifay untoyou, he (hall in no wife lofe his Reward. 3. God will pardon all their Failings: Here is no mention ofthe evil, but the good they had done : An honeft upright Heart is difpenfed with as to many Weak - neffes, Mal. 3. 17. I will (pare them, as a man fpareth his own Son that ferveth him. I come now to the Second Point : II. Do &: That Chr J1 ordereth his Difpenfations fo, that fome of his People are expo- fed to necdity, others in a capacity to relieve them. The Priviledges and Promifes of the Gofpel do not exempt the one from Di- ftrefs, nor do the Duties and Rules of the Gofpel make the poffeffion of Riches to the other unlawful : In the one fort of good men Chrift is hungry and a- thirft, in the other fort of good men he fcedetlr and cloatheth them Chrift is in the Giver and Receiver : Thefe want, that they may have matter of Patience ; thole abound, that they may have matter of Bounty : Abraham was Rich, Lazarus that dept in his bofom was poor : 'Tis fo, r. That he may fhew himfelf to be the Governour and difpofer of all things here in the world, and that he giveth Honour and Riches to whomfoever he will, Dan. 4. 57. If thefe things were at the Devils difpofal, Gods friends should never have them. 2. To fhew that the bare Poffegion is not unlawful ; that 'tis not the having, but the ill life that bringeth fo much mil-chief. 3. That the world may know fomewhat of his Favour to his People, and what Profperity he can bellow upon all if it were expedient : fome Difeafes require Cordials, others (harp and bitter Potions. 4. That in the time of our Exercife we may have a Pledge what he will do for us hereafter, and give us in Heaven. 5. That they may be Inftruments of his Providence, to fupply others that want Houle and Harbour, and all neceffaries ; as the great veins receive blood to con- vey it to the Leifer : fome are kept under Affliaion. We fail more fafely to the Haven of Salvation, with an adverfe wind than a profperous. U S E, If it fall to your lot to Give, rather than to Receive, blefs God in that behalf, and negle& not your Duty : God could level all to an Equality, but he will not, that you may be Inflruments of his Providence to cherifh them : you fhould be a Fountain, not to keep the water to your felves, but to overflow for the neceffity of others. I come now to the Third Point. III. Doll. That Yorks of Charity, done out of Faitl, and Love to God, are of great= er weight and confequence, than the world taketh them to be. s. There is a Command of God requireth it : Next to the great duties of the Gofpel, nothing more enforced ; to relieve the neceffaties of the poor, is not Arbi- trary, but a duty required of us according to our abilities ; 'tis Charity to them, but a due Debt to God, and a part of our Righteoufnefs : Stewards are to difpenfe . the Ellate by the Mailers command. 2. 'Tis the tryal of our Love to Chrift :,lIe bath made the poor his Proxies and Deputies : we would cozen our felves with an empty Faith, and a cheap Love, if