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i86 S E K M O N S upon the S E R M. XXIII: muff not walk by Senffe, but by Faith, 2 Cor. ç. 7. Time will come, when they that wonder at our AffliEtions, (hall woer at us, for the Glory that ChriFt will put upon us ; when you, and all the S ints about you, flan fay, Little did I think, that a poor, bale, laborious, miferable Life, fhould have fuch a glorious End and dole. Chriftians, wait but a little time, and you will have more caufe to wonder at the Glory that (halt be revealed in you, than at the A(BiEtions you now en- dure. Secondly, We nowsome to Chrifl's Anfwer and Reply to this Quef?ion: Where= in, (i.) Take notice of the Note of Averment and Alfurance ; Verily, I fay untoyou. I do the rather obferve it, becaufe I find the like in a parallel Place ; Matth. 1 ó. 42. Verily, I fay unto you, he 'ball in no wife lofe his Reward. This fheweth, that 'tis hardly believed in the World ; but yet 'tis 'a certain Truth. (2.) The Anfwer its felf ; wherein the former Palfages are explained, of ("brig's being hungry, thinly, naked, exiled, imprifoned ; the Riddle is opened : What is done to the Affliaed, Chr f taketh it as if it were done to him in Perlon. In this Anfwer obferve, 1. The Title that is put upon Afflic7ed Chrif?ians ; they are his Brethren. 2. The Extent and 7Jniverfality of this Title, the meaneft are not excepted ; The leaft of there my Brethren. The Meanell, as well as the molt Excellent ; the Poor, the Abje& of the World, believing in ChriFt, are accounted his Brethren. ;. The particular Application of this Title, to every one of them ; To one of the leafl of my Brethren. We cannot do good to all ; yet if we do good to one, or to as many as are within our reach, or the compafs of our Ability, it (hall not be unre- warded. 4. The Intertretation of the Kindnefs (hewed to ChefBrethren ; What you have knit" to the leag of there my Brethren, you have done it unto me. (1.) I (hall firft confider the Force and Importance of there Expreflions. (2.) Their Scope and Intendment here, which is to bind us to Aets of Charity, and Relief to Chrif s pooreft Servants. Firft, For the Force and Importance of there Expreffions : And there, gilt, ob- ferve, That whoever believeth in Chrift, are accountedas his Brethren and Sifters ; and he will not be afhamed to own them as fuch at the laat Day. Here I (hall (hew you, 1. Who are Brethren. z. What a Priviledge this ir. Fielt, Who are Brethren ? Some by Brethren underft and Mankind : Arid fo, What you have done to the leaf? of my Brethren, in their Senfe, is to the meaneft Man alive, Partaker of that Humane Nature which I have honoured by affuming it : But that is Brethren in the large(? Sent. No, that's not his meaning here. Upon what grounds Charity is to be exprelfed to them, I (hall (hew you more fully by and by. To do good to a poor Man, as to a poor Man, is a Work of natural Mercy but to 4 l good to a poor Man, as he is one of Chrift's Brethren, is a Work ofyChriftian Charity ; 2 Pet. r. 7. And to Brotherly kindnefs, Charity: Do,.. rpfe and ,Z mn, is diftin- guifhed. There is a more kindly, and tender Affection, that we owe to thole who are Children of the fame Father or are in Charity bound to judge fo ; by fympa- thizing with them in Trouble, fupplying their Neceffities, every way ftudying to promote their Spiritual and Temporal Welfare : But a general Love to all we muli thirft after, and endeavour the true Good of all, to whom we may be profitable. But the Title of Brethren to ChriFt, groweth from Faith, by which we are made the Children of God yob. 1. 12. But as many as received him, to them gave he pow- er to become the Sons of God ; And therefore, ChriFt talleth them Brethren. And 'tis very