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Ver. 3 7, 3 8, 6c. xxvth. Chapter of St. M á i T «E w. i 87 very notable to obfervé, Heb. z: 11. Far both he.rhat fanctifierh, and they that are fan, ftfed, are all of one ; far which caufe he is not afhamed to call them Brethren. Mark The Kindred is only reckoned to the Sanftified. Though all Mankind have the fame Nature, come of the fame Stock yer, He that fanlfifreth, and they that are fanc1ilied; are all of one ', for which . caufe he 6e not arhamed to call them Brethren. There the Relation holdeth of both fides. Chrill is born of a Woman ; and They are born of God, Yoh. I. 13. and fo he is a Kinfman doubly ; Ration Incarnatsonis fua, s Regenerations noftre, as Macariva. He taketh part of Flefh and Blood, partaketh of, Humane Nature ; and we are made Partakers of a Divine Nature, z Pet. r. 4. And Matth. 12.47,48,49, 5o. Then one laid unto him, Behold,' thy Mother, and thy, Brethren ffand without, de firing to fpeak with thee ; but he anfwered, and faid unto him that told him, Who u my Mother ? and who are my Brethren ? And he ffretched forth his Hand towards his Difciples, and Paid, Behold, my Mother, and my Brethren: For whafoever Ad! do the Will of my" Father which is in Heaven, thefame is my Brother, and S fEer, and Mother. Secondly, Now I fhall thew you, in the next place, what a Priviledge this is. I (hall thew you, (1.) What Condefcenfian there is, in Chriffs part, that he fhould count the leaft of his people, not only for his own, but for his Brethren. The Apoftle faith, He is not afha?ited, Heb. z. n. We are faid to be afhamed in two Cafés. i. When we do any thing that is filthy. As long as we have the Heart of a Man, we cannot do any thing that hath filthinefs in it without fhame. Or, 2. When we do any thing beneath that. Dignity and Rank which we fuftain in the World. The forgoer Confederation is of no place here ; the latter then muff be 'confidered. Tdlofe that bear any Rank and Port in the World, are afhamed to be too familiar with their Inferiours ; yet, fuch is the love of Chrift towards his People, that though he be infinitely greater and more worthy than us, yet he is ".not afhamed us Brethren. 'lisfaid, Prov. 19.7. All the Brethren of the Poor do hate him. If a Man fall behind hand in the World, his Friends look askew up- on him ; but Yefus Chrift, though he be the Eternal Son of God, by whom he made the World, the Splendour of his Fathers Glory, and the Brightnefs of his Per- /on, the Xing of Kings, and Lord of Lords; and we be poor, vile, and unworthy Creatures ; yet he difdaineth not to call us Brethren, notwith tanding'our Mean - nefs and unworthinefs, and his own Glory and Excellency. Divines obferve, that Chrift never gave his Difciples the Tide of Brethren, but after his Refurreai- on ; before, Servants, little Children, Friendo, were their ufual Defignations ; but then he exprefly calleth them Brethren. Joh. 13. 13, 14. Te call me Lord and Malter, for fo I am. And Joh. 12. 26. If any Man ferve me, let him follow me; and where Iam, there (ball my Servant be. Friends, Joh. 15. 15. I have called you Friends. But after the Relurre&lon the Style of Brethren is very frequent, Mat. 28.1o. Go tell my Bre- thren, Igo into Galilee. And foh. 20. 17. Go to my Brethren, and tell them, Igo to my Father, and your Father. And at the Tait day he giveth this Title to all the Elea, that are put at his right Hand. Quell. But what is the Reafon of this ? Anfro. Though the Ground were laid in the Incarnation, when Chrift naturalliz'd himfelf to us, and became one of our own Line ; yet he Both éxprefly own it af- ter his Refurreition, and will own it at his coming to Judgment, to Phew that his Glory and Exaltation doth not diminifh his Affeftions towards his People, but ra- ther the Exprellions thereof are enlarged : He (till continueth our Brother, and will do fo, as long as our Nature remaìneth in the Unity of his Perron, which will be to all Eternity. (2.) That it is a Real Priviledge to us ; 'tis a Title of great Dearnefs and In- timacy ; 'Lis not an idle Complement, for there is caufe and reafon for it, Mu 7!w abia? All Mankind coming of one Father, and being made of one Blood, are Brethren; and Chrift reckoneth himfelf among us, and affumeth the Relation proper to his Nature, efpecially when we get a new Kindred by Grace : 'Tis not an empty Title, but a great and Real Priviledge; not a Nominal, Titular Relation, to put Honour upon us, but to give us Benefit, Rom. 8. 17. and for the prefent affureth us of his tender Refpe&. B b 2 V SE.