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Ver. 3, 4. xxwith Chapter of St. M A T T ii E W: i Oyl, the Spirit, called the Anointing, which abideth in us, t Joh. 2.27. Now the foolifh Virgins, are fuck inconfiderate Chriftians as content themfelves with the Name and blaze of outward Profeffion, negle&ing the great work within ; namé- ly, an inward principle of Grace, which fhould maintain their Profeffion before men, and their Uprightnefs before God ; they had only fome iranfient motions of the Spirit, or inchnations, to that which is good, enough to keep up their pre- lent Profeffion, but not to hold out and fuffice at Chrifts coming. But the wife Virgins, that had Oyl in their Veffels, with their Lamps, are found and folid Chriftians, who with the Lamps of external Profeffion, are careful to be furnifh- ed inwardly with the Graces of the Holy Spirit. t: Do&rine : 'Tis not enough to have Oyle in our Lamps, but we muff have OyIe in our Veffel. a fo. 2. Do &rine : This will be found to be our true Wifdom, and the other to be the great- eft folly. For the firft point, That 'tis not enough to hate Oyl in our Lamps, bat we muff have Oyl in our 'Vet f els alto. . Let me explain this point in there Propofitions : r. Profeffion muff not be neglected: both the wife and the foolifh took their Lamps with them : burning Profeffion is twofold, Vocal and Real ; Vocal, Rom. I o. g. If that ¡bait Confefs with. thy Mouth, and believe with thy Heart : Chrift will be owned by thofe that are his, Chrifts followers need not be afhamed of avow- ing their Mafter : Faith fhould not, and Love cannot be fmothered and hidden, therefore Profeffion is as neceffary as Believing, in its kind. Again, there is a Real Profeffion, not fo much by word of Mouth as by confiant Pra &ice and Con - verfation ; fo Chriftians are bidden to ¡bin as Lights, Phil. 2. t 5. This is for the glory of God, Mar. 5. so. and the Honour of Chrift that it Should be fo; there- fore the Apoftle prayeth, 2 Thef. I. t s, 12. Wherefore we Pray alwayes for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleafirre of his goodnefs, and the work of Faith with Power, that the Name of the Lord 7efus Chrift may be glorified in you : 'Tis not meant of the illicite a&s, but the Fruit that it produceth ; and 'tis for the honour of the Truth : Suitable Pra &ice joÿned with Profeffion, puts a Majefiy and fplendor on the Truth, and recommendeth it to the Confciences of Beholders ; Titus 2. to. Adorn the Doitrize of God our Saviour : 'Tis not fo much 'by good words and expreffrons that Chriftians do put a loveli- nefs and beauty upon the wayes of God, as by ordering their wayes with all ftri &nefs and gravity :, So that this fair Profeffion is of great ufe, efpecially the real part ; it is an evidence that all is right within, for the breaking out of fin and folly in the Life, clearly evidenceth the power and prevalency of unmortified Lulls in the Heart.: Therefore we muff keep our Lamps burning ; the foolifh and the wife did both well in that. 2. A Profeffion of Godlinefs, though never fo glorious, fhould not be retied in; without a Paving work of Grace upon thelhe Heart to maintain it ; there was the folly of one fort of Virgins, that they were contented with having Oyl in their Lamps for their prefent ufe, without looking further ; and the Wifdom of the other, that their :Veffels were furnifhed as well as their Lamps ; Grace muff flow forth, but withall it muff have a bottom within : As a Fountain or Spring fend- eth forth ftreams to water the ground about ir, or. the heart fendeth forth Life and Spirits to every faculty and member, fo the Graces of the Spirit in Believers flow forth in their Carriage and Behaviour, to make their Tongue drop that which is favoury, their A&ions orderly and even, their Carriage in alf relations and affairs grave and ferious. 'Tis well when all this bath a bottom, that there is a prin- ciple of Life within, to diffufe this vertue into every part of their Converfations, and to keep them mindful'and refpe&ive to all the Commands of God : Now this is required, (r.) Partly, becaufe this glorious Profeffion and Pra &ice will not ferve the turn for the prefent : For, God looks not to outward appéarance, but regards the frame of the heart ; 'tis internal Holinefs that is 'lovely in his eyes, Pfa. Sr, 6. and without which the external is loathfome to him, Math. 23. t7. A Chriftian bath more in the Veffel than in the Lamp ; Pfa. 45. 13. The I,jngs Daughter it all glorious. within. That which is outwardly profeffed, 'is inwardly rooted and che- C a, tithed