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12 S E R M O. N S upon the SE it M. IL rìfhed by them who worship and ferve God in Spirit and Truth. Knowledge, Faith, Love, Hope, Zeal, Courage, Patience ; thefe adorn the Heart, as well as the Fruits of them appear in the Life, and this maketh us beautiful in the eyes of his that feeth in fecret. .It would help us tollifcover Our miftakes, if we did make God our Witnefs, Approver and Judge ; for the prefent ftudying to approve him in the frame of our hearts, which is hidden from all others. And (2.) Partly, becaufe the Lamp will not long hold burning, unlefs there be a flock of Oyl to feed it ; fo that if it could fuffice for the prefeut, yet without Grace in the Heart, for the future, we !hall mifcarry when the flender Provifion and ¡tore is fpent. A Clsriftian is to provide for the time to come, Bach Grace as may endure and hold out in all tryals, and bear weight in the day of Judgment. We are often preffed, to fet our felves in fuch a flute, and put our 'elves into filch a frame, as will endure the glory of Chrifts prefence ; and to think of that time, and what we fall doe, or how we fhall be found when he appeared]. He only believeth ,aright in Chrift, that will not be afhamed at his appearance. Luk. at. 36. That ye may fland before the Son of Man: And r yob. 4. 17. That we may have boldnefs at the day of udgment. And 1 yohn z. 29. When he 'hall appear we may have confidence, and root be afhamed of him at his coming. 3. A living work of Grace, it an inward Principle of Life, and that in fuch a de- gree and meafure, which the unfound, though the molt glorious Profeffors of the Gofpel, do not attain unto. Some fleight and infufficient touches upon their hearts, many Profeffors may attain unto ; that yet never had this rooted Principle of Grace, which may properly be called Oyl in the Veffel : It differeth in Radication and Effi- cacy, as I fhewed before. They are inlightened, but the day far doch not ar f in their hearts, 2 Pet. r. Iq. And Eph. 5.8. A flail] of light they may have, but are not light on the Lord. Are affe&ed with the Truths of the Gofpel, but not changed or transformed by it, 2 Cor. ;. 18. Sin may be retrained, or benummed, but 'cis not fubdued, and mortified, Gal. 5. 24. we cannot fay'tis cracifled They are half loofed, but are lid!' in bonds ; make fore thew of efeape from Sathan, but are fur - prized by him again ; worfe hampered than before, Matt& r2,45. urged, excited to force good, but not enabled and inclined to love God with all the heart ; and ferioufly and conftantly to let about the things that pleafe him, and to avoyd the contrary : They have not the Grace the Apoltle prayeth for, Heb. x3. I2. That Grace, that may make you perfect in every good work, to do Iseo will, working in you that which is ?leafing in his fight through fetus Chrifi. Have you this Grace, to be aiwayes working that which is pleafing in his fight ? Their Firs, is like a ftraw -fire, loon in, and foots out ; fo that there is a difference : The common Grace that they have, is real, but not of an abiding and everlafting nature ; not fecured by Gods Covenant and promife ; there is not that folid, rooted Piety. Therefore, 'tis not enough for. Chriffians, to fee that the .Lamp burneth, but to look what there is in the Vef- fel, to feed the Flame : 'Tis not fuddain affeaions on our part, nor the tranfient motions' the Spirit on Gods part, that will amount to. a confront principle of Life. 4. This confront, abiding fate o Grace, or Principle of Life, may be known ; part -, ly, by the Terms by which u is fit forth in Scripture ; and partly by the Effetis of it. Fir/l, By the Terms by which'tis expreffed in Scripture. (r.) 'Tis expreffed fometimes with refpe& to the Original Author, Pattern, and Fountain of it, which is God. And fo, it is called the divine Nature, 2 Pet. 1. 4. whereby is not meant the Infinite Efence of God, which can neither be divided, or communicated to any Creature ; but of thofe holy and heavenly qualities, and difpo- fitions whereby we refemble God. The heart of this Chriftian is fo Ramped with Gods own Image and Charaaer, that he beginneth to look like God, for wifdom, holinefs, purity, pity. So fometimes 'ris called the life of God, Eph. 4. 18. that fpi- ritual Life that is begun in Regeneration, is fo called ; not as God is the firft original Author of Life natural, but the Pattern of 'it. From both thefe places it appeared], we mutt flrlt be partakers of fuch a Nature as God hath, before we can live fuch a Life as God Both. (2.) 'Tis fometimes expreffed with refpeEl to the meritorious andprocuring Cauf, or the immediate Head and Fountain of it ; and fo Chrift is faid to live in us, Gal. 2. 20. CO dwell :n us, Eph. ;. 17. to remain in us as the hope of Glory, Col. r. 27. That