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a@égaiii a a a41. ik et igl$4 Mai gaatA A TABLE OF THE Principal Matters contained in the SERMONS on the 25th of MATTHEW. Pages. Bfence, or long tarrying of Chrilt a Reafon of the Worlds feiurety. z5 Acceptance ofChrift, ,that a .kind of Acceptance is required. 57 Account future, the Certainty of it. 99 What a kind of Account we muff make. Ica This Account mull be perfonal; 102 And particular, and exatl. iou The Impartiality of this Account. t oz We are alwayer to live, as thole that mull give an Account. 102 The Profit of calling our felves to an Account every day. o3 Accufation. Yaflification oppofed to Acclifátion. 170 Twofold Actufation brought again' us, and how we are juffified from it. i75 Angels, why they attend Chrift at the day of7udg- ment. 1 52 Whether good Angels 'hall be judged. 152 Evil Angels 'hall be fudged. 152 Afcenfion, Chrift at Anfcenfión gave Gifts ro men, and why. 84785 Allen of Faith, built on divine Tefimony. 5 The Adjuncts of ir. 6 Attendants,ofChrif at hit fecond coming. t 52 Fïd. Angels. Authority of Chrift tojudge the World. B. 145 BEgin, we fhould begin with God betimes, and why. 67,68 The advantage of this. 68 Eldred, this term being given to the Saints at fudgment-day, what it fgnifes. 167 tidied of my Father, what it fignifies. 168 Brethren, who are Chrifl's Brethren. 186 What a kind ofPriviledge this is. 187 Chrifl calls not his Difciples Brethren, till after his Refurretlion, and why. 187 The Cendefcention ofChrill in calling the mean - 61 of his People his Brethren. 187 C. Pug. CHarity, the advantage that comes by being charitable. t89 Motives to exhort to Charity: 199 Works of Charity done in Faith, are ofgreat confequence. 18h Chrift, how Paid to live in us. 12 Chriltian Faith; a wonder that any Amid rejetf it. 136, 4 A wonder that any fhould embrace ir, and live f+nfaly. 136,214 The Reafon of the latter. 137 Come ye Blelred, what it fgnifies. 168 Comfott cannot be maintained without good work. 186 Coming fecond of Christ, his first coming and fecond coming compared: i5à. Not to be doubted. Faith faith, he will come,. and whence Faith ar ueth. 34 Reafon faith, he may come, and whence Rea- fon argueth. 2 Why delayed fo long., 36, 98 The delay of Christ's coming fhould not make us deny or doubt it. 99 The time of Christs coming, at Midnight, what it fsgmfes. 37 Why the time ofChrists eóming uncertain. 37 What the Cry before Christ's coming war. 37 The manner of Chrifto coming. What Chrifts coming in his Glory, and in the Glory of the Father f:gni fie,. 14i, Why Christ mull come in his Glory. 146,150 Some foregoing appearances of Chrifts coming; that give a rage of this Glory. 149 The Attendants of Christ at his Coming. 152 Chrifts worh,,at his Coming. 44,149 Why Chrifts coming called a Confummation of the Marriage between him and Believer,. -Vid. Marriage - Union: Why Christ at his Second Coaüñg is called - the Son of Man. 4i The Faithful prepare Christs Coming: 401 Motives to prepare fir it. 9 How the Scripture prerh this Preparsi on on) no. 40 christs coming to be &fired and longed for, 1 and why. 39 F f To