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The TABLE. Pag. Pag. To be improved, thrift nie ie 2Óme to Cätr l Canting to t. ' 202 Common work of Grace not tobe relied in. 20 May far, as to Faith, Hope and Charity. 5 Not lately to hold oat, and why. 8 Not enough to qualifie for Hea*&t. 'é They that !Dave common Grata ought to ufe 3! for the gaining more grace. lib Whether a man can by the aft. of common grace, obtain fpecial grace. tab Communion of Saints, what they communicate one to another. so Qm apai1 evil, sink cothpany is tVi1. 27 The danger of evil Company. 27 Company the damned 3nkleil have. 208 Condefcenfion of Chrilt 1n regarding his meaner Servants, and taking what is done to them, as done to himfelf. 183 In accounting the meaner of his Servants his Brethren. 187 Confidence falle, Confderations to weaken it. 46 Reafon of the falte Confidence of Profehbrs. 45 Conran to receive Christ, what a kind of con- fine it Jonldbe. 6o Overt-ton, the power of man to -convert him- jiff. is not to be difputed, but our dory to be -regarded. 129 Creature new, Yid: New Creature. Cry, Saba" the Cry before Chrif'seomittg was. 37 cur7sd. Who are they that are Curfed of God. 200 'Why it is not faid,.Curfed of my 'Father, as well as Bleffed of my Father. 199 ¡7/l menby Nature under a Cnrfe. zoo efcaping this Curie, but by clo /Ing with Chrill by. Faith. 200 Gods Curie very dreadful. sot We knew not how- fixiti God may take the advan- tage of this Curte. 201 This Ctirfe ratified at the day of yudgment. 202 e fenftble of this turfed mate. 201 -'if(1w we may get the Corte taken of zoo Diligence Spiritual, the neceffty of ir. 1 t 8 The Reward of le, t t y Exhorted ro. 131 Motives to it. 119 .Difgrace, Confederation of future yudgmentfhould make us patient under difgraces. 154 Difowned, who (hall be diforned by Cbrifft at the 14 day. 71 The mifery of king fo diforoned. 7, iyiverliity, the- grim diver /ty of Talents given toue. 86, 89 The Reafons of this Diverfity. 87 Dominion of God over us, wherein it confins. 8z Dore being flint) minet ee f mites. 84 E. EStem, what Efceem we fhould have of C/lrin's Sc- a -ints. 185 Etc, air, of" Hall- Torments, Reafons ofit. 208 Canjmf}ene with God's fuftice. 194 Encale, carnal men ill tarred in the art of Ex- curing evil. tzt The invalidity of all fuch Encules. 122 Several Ex cufes ofwicked men anfioer'd.,22,023 Execution of Sentence atthe day of yudgemcnt. 210 Why God deaieth differently with tthhee righteous, and wicked then. 210 Anger fhoold not deterr us from Duty. 123 Darknefs, Hell fee forth by Darknefs, and outer Darknefs, and why. 133 'Otiter Darknefs in Hell, what it imp[yes. 135 The yuflice of this Punifhment. 135 Délày of giving forth Mercy, the Reafons of it. 38 The danger of delaying turning toGod. 76 Delires óf 'wicked men after Chrift may be ar- dent. 66 Wicked men may have Delires ofHeaven. 69 'Aloio far wicked men may delire this Happi- nefs. .. They desire the End, not the Means. 70 The difference between thefe delires in wicked men now and hereafter. 69 Why theft delires in Wicked men are no more improved.. 71 Devils, the Torment of Devils not compleat 'till the day of yudgment. 197 Diligence the Means, and Gods Blefng the Caul of all increafe. 127 ,Exhorted to. 131 P. ¿filth, what it is. r An acceptance -of Cbrifl, and what kind f acceptance. 57 Alfent of Faith built on divisreTeftimony. Yid. Affent. Weak, and dead Faith, what it is. 24 What a kind of Faith Hypocrites may have. 5 How it appears' that moll menu Faith is only pretended. 137 The Light of Faith, how it differs from the Licht of Senfe, Reafon and Prophecy. '75,76 Faith f'iltorical, what it is. 6 Why fo .called. 6 Faith temporary, what it is. 6 Faithfulnefs in difcharoe of our Duty matter of Comfort at Death and yudgment. 002,103 Shall be commended and rewarded at the day of yadgment. ro4 Far from Heaven, who are fuch. 8 Fear, flavifh and filial: of Reverence and Cau- tion what. 110 Fear flavilh a great hinderance -ro Duty. 110 Why we are naturally fubjett to this Fear. Begotten by a fallfe Opinion of God. I10, t 1 t How to avoid it. 115 Fire of Hell, what is meant by ir. 205 G. Cliffs, diver s kind ofGifts givento men. 86,89 Thole that have greaten Gifts ought not to condemn them that have lens. 87 Why Chrift at his Afcenfion ,gave Gifts es men. 84,85 Common Gifts maybe loft. 131 They increafe by Ming, and are loft by negli- gence. 126 Glory of God, ro be our akin are End. 41 Glory