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14 SERMONS upon the SERM II. and a found heart, which is not only oppofed to the fhows of Hypocrites, but to the fuddain pangs and half difpofitions of Temporaries ; when Grace beareth an univerfal fbveraignty over us, inclinini the heart to love, and pleafe, and ferve God. (6.) Sometimes the work is, particularly expreffed by the feveral Graces of the Spirit, all which are comprized in. Faith and Repentance : Açgs 20. 21. Teaching them Repentance towards God, and Faith in our Lord yefus Chreft : Repentance to- wards God, becaufe by it we return to the Duty we owe to our Creator ; and Faith in the Gofpel notion, Both principally refpeú our Redeemer, and his.medi- ation for us. By Repentance we return to the Duty injoyned by the Law, from whence we are fallen ; and by Faith we apprehend the Love of Chrift, and what he bath done for us : By Repentance we are let in joynt again, as to our Obedi- ence to the Law -giver ; and by Faith we dole with, and are united to our Re- deemer, without which we cannot be accepted with God. Both are the Prin- ciples of all fincere Obedience and fubje&ion to the Gofpel -law or Covenant. If you ask me, What is this Oyl in the Vefjel, that we muff have to qualifie us to meet the Bridegroomat his coming ? Anfw. 'Tis Repentance, mortifying ourinward Lulls ; and Faith working by Love. [r.] Repentance, mortifying our inward Lufts, that in newnefs of Life we may glorifie God ; therefore called Repentance from dead works, Heb. 6. i. By common Grace men may caft off all outward evils, efcape the pollutions of the World, but are never really and inwardly changed in their natures, 'till the Spirit of Chrift worketh this Grace in the Heart ; they are but as a Sow wafhtd, a Pet. 2. 22. there is an inclination to. wallow in the Mire of carnal delights again. 'Tis poffrble a rnad may fee fuch an excellency in Chrift, and be fo affeaed at the hopes of his Mercy, and melted at the thoughts of his Love, as to call off outward grofs evils Which the World liveth in ; but this is but the Sow wafhed, the heart is not changed. Luft for a while may be benummed, feem quenched, but 'tis not dead- ned, 'tis not weakned ; If ye through the Spirit mortifié the deeds of the Body, Rom. 8.5;. as appeareth by its breaking out again with the more violence. [a.] Faith working by Love ; that is the great principle of Gofpel-obedience. True Grace cloth not lye hid in the Soul in lazy habits, but fets the Soul awork for God,eupon the apprehenfion of his Love in'Chrift ; this conftraineth us intire- ly to give up our felves to God, 2 Cor. Ç. 14. Minding his Intereft, ftudying his Will, licking to pleafe him in all things. A man is not to be judged by prefent pangs, but by the confiant bent and bias of his Soul ; 'tis fet Godward, to pleafe him, and enjoy him, notwithftanding the back bias ofCorruption. Secondly, We now come to the Effells : The Effe&s are Two. r. A confiant fitnefs, readinefs and propenlion, to doe and finer what God call- eth us unto ; or an habitual Inclination of Heart towards that which is good. 2. An habitual Averfation to that which is evil. Firft, An habitual Inclination of Heart towards that which is good; this is call- ed in Scripture, the having the heart at the right band, Ecclef. to. 2. He fpeaketh not of the natural pollute, but the leaning of the heart towards Duty, he is rea- dy fitted and prepared for Duty : And fometimes this is called, having our Loins girt, t Pet. r. 13. as ready to travel ; or it noteth the ready difpofition that fhould be in us for Duties or Conflias : fo ive are his workmanfhip Created in Chriji Yefus unto good works, Eph. 2. io. that is, put into a fitnefs and aptitude for them : As every thing that is created, hath a fitnefs and aptitude for that ufe for which it ferveth; the Water to flow, the Air to be carryed too and fro: fo a Chriftian bath a fitnefs for his work : The oppofite to this, is that, Titus i. 16. To every good work reprobate ;' unfit to be imployed for this holy bufinefs. Briefly, as every habit ferveth for this ufe, Vt quis facile, jucunde ey conitanter agar ; to perfelt the Operation of that faculty in which it is feared, fo that a man may as eafily, pleafantly, .conftantly ; fo Both. habitual Grace ferve for this ufe, to incline us, and fit us for the Service of God. There are three risings that are found inthofe that have this work wrought in them. t. There is an Inclination and Propenfity to a Godly Life: For. as God crea- ted all Creatures with an inclination to their proper operations, fo the new Crea- ture hath á tendency to chofe a&ions which are proper to its Rate ; as the fparks flye