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Ver. 3, 4. xxvth Chapter of St. MA T T fi E W. 13 That Chriftians may live the Life of Grace, they muff firft be united to Chrift ; for he liveth in us as the Head in the Members, or the Root in the Branches : We muff be united to Chriff, and receive influence from him as Branches from the Root. Through Faith Chrift is perpetually prefent in Vertue, Grace and Spirit. We muff firft partake of Chriff himfelf, being moff ftrialy united to him, as Members to the Head, from whence they receive fenfe and motion : He taker!) up a fixed and unmoveable habitation in our hearts, foh. t 4. 23. not for a Vifit and away ; but keepeth a perpetual refidence in the heart. (3.). With refpeét to the immediate Aathour, and Fountain, which is she Spirit given to us, to dwell in us, by fome fpecial way of operation, Rom. 5. 5. And r Cor. 2. r2. Nowwe have not received the feint of the World, bat the Spirit of God, that we may know the things that are freely given us of God. And Rom: 8. t i . If the Spirit of him that raffed up Yeffus from the dead, dwell in you : A believers Body and Soul is the Spirits Manfion-houfe, and thole that have the Spirit to dwell in them, not to come upon them at times, are in an abiding flare of Grace. The Spirit came upon Ba- laam at times, Num. 24. 34. but in his People he makes his abode : He doth a£l in others as a Spirit alfrffing, but not as a Spirit inhabiting : He dwelled) in his people. The Spirit is often promifed to dwell in our Hearts, not only for a feafon, but for ever, Sohn 4. /4. The mater that I (hall give him, Thal! be a Well of water fpringing up to everlafting Life: Mark, the Spirit Both not give a Draught, but the Spring, not a Dath of rain that is foon dryed up, but a Well ; not a Pond that may be dryed up at length, but a Fountain that ever keepeth flowing, fo that we ¡hall never thirff more ; it fhall quench his thirft after worldly Vanities and Delights: Thefe things grow tafflefs, the more of the Spirit we have. The Spirit of Chriff as the Fountain, doth make this Grace enduring in its felt, and in its effec`fs ; a Well of inexhauffable fulnefs and refrefliment. So yohn 7. 38. He that believeth in me, oat of his belly' ¡hall flow Rivers of living water : Not a perry refrefhment for a lea - fon, but his Spirit to dwell in us as a full Fountain, to flow forth for the refrefh- ment of himfelf and others : Though the Ocean be in God, yet there is a River in the Saints : in Chriff there is plentitudo fontis, in us plentitudo vats ; if we find any remilfion of the Comforts of this Spring, it's through our own Pride, and Un- belief, and Idlenefs. Yob; 14.16,17; I will give your another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever : The Spirit will not change his dwelling place. This is fuck a degree of Grace, as the unregenerate World cannot receive. (4.) This inward Principle is expreffed with refpe& to the Inftrument, which is the Word of God : fo 'tis called x.* µyu v, yam. s. 21. the ingrafted Word : The root of the matter is within ; 'ris not the word heard only, or the word obeyed only will lave us ; but it muff be an in rafted Word ; 'ris not bound on, but en- grafted ; 'tis not enough to yield fome prefent Obedience to it, but it muff be rooted in us : So in that notable Promife, Heb. 8. so. I will put my Lams in their minds, and write them upon their hearts : The Writing is the Law of God, the Tables are the Minds and Hearts of nien, that is the underflanding, and will, and rational Ape - tite, and this is written by the Finger of God ; tjiere where is the Source and Ori- ginal of all moral operations, of all thoughts and affeaions, and inward motions, there is the Law of God written ; in thole parts of the Soul where the dire&ive Councel; and the imperial commanding power of all humane affions refideth ; there will God write his Laws in lively and legible Charaaers; and what is the effet ? A man becometh a Law to himfelf, he carryeth his Rule about with him, and hash a- ready and willing mind to obey it, Pfa. 37. 3-1.. The Law of God is in his heart, none of his fleps ¡hall /fide : The truth is rooted in him, and his heart is fuited and inclined to it; he unfeignedly liveth what is commanded of God, and hateth what is forbidden by him. (5.) The work its Pelf is fometimes generally expreffed by thefe Notions : 'tis call- ed ai q uç, the New Creature, 2 Cor. 5. /7. when a man is thoroughly framed anew in all his Faculties : And t loh. . 9. 'tis called cr.ip a, the abiding Seed ; not a vanifhing,affeétion, but ,a remaining feed ; and 'tis called a good Treafure, Math. FF2. 35. There is a flock that fupplyeth holy Thoughts, Words and Altions : As a man that hath a bad Treafure of Corruption, the more he fpends, the more 'tis encrealed ; fo a man that hath a good flock, he bringetli forth holy Thoughts, Words and Alions : And 'ris called a new Heart, and a right Spirit, Pfal. 51. r o. Eaek. 36. 26, 27. and 'cis called a f s i'heat!, Pfa. 119: So. There is a flight heart, and