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26 SEKMONS upon thé SERMIV. 2. When we are in greateft danger, and matters moft concerning us are in hand, and God calleth molt for our Service,`and fo have molt need to watch, then are we ufually molt fecure ; witnefs the Difciples upon Mount Olivet, after many war flings given them by Chrift, Matth. 26. 41, 42, 43, 44, 45. 'Till Chrift telleth them, Sleep on now; that is, jeep if you can, it will not be long ere you are through - ly awakened : fo often are the Saints (lumbering and fleeping, when moll need to be awake ; and mifpend the time in fluggifhnefs and carnal reff, which is grant- ed them to prepare themfelves' for tryal : So 7onah r. 5. when a Storm antes for his fake, though the Winds blow, and the Sea roar, and the Mariners at their wits end, yet Jonah was £aft afleep. Thofe molt guilty, and thole whom the cor- reEtion pointed at, are moft fècure under it. And Samp /on is afleep when the Ph:= lifiines are ready to come upon him. Now, if ever, should men be awake. Now we are awak'ned by Gods providence, and the effare of the Chriftian World round about us ; now we fhould exercife all the grace and skill we can. 3. They may thew their fleepinefs in their 'niblick Relations ; as while the envi- ous man fowed Tares, the Husbandmen were afleep, Mat. 13. 25. Many times Ma- giffrates are afleep, when abufes creep in, and eat out the bowels of the Cotn- mon- wealth; and Minifters are afleep while the Kingdom of Chrift is undermi- n'ed, Matters of Families afleep while diforders creep into their houfes. Magi - ftrates are watchers as well as private Chriftian, Rom. 13.6. who deep, and neg- left the care of fouls. But efpecially Minifters are to watch over their peoples fouls ; and Ihould put forth their utmoft care and diligence, Heb. 13.17. 4. It may befall them after Tome folemn fervice, z Chron. 35. zo. After this, when 7ofiah had prepared the Temple, then he falleth into that rafh engagement again(( Pharaoh Necho, which colt him his life. Hezekiah after his Reformation; fell into pride and provocation of God, z Chron. 32. Many times when we have performed fome good fervice to God, we take occafion to be more carelefs and fecure ; We think we are priviledged by our former diligence.. If the Righteous twill in his righteoufnefr, and commit Iniquity, Ezek. 33. r 3. that is, upon the pre - fumption that he leid in a Fore- merit. Our hearts will be feeking ,tome unlaw- ful liberty, and we intgrmit our watch upon fuch occafions. Secondly, Negatively. We muff make the exceptions that are neceffary. (r.) Though the wife Virgins may _famber and fleep, and there be an inter - mitfion of the a&s of Grace, yet no intercifion of the habits of Grace, or radical In- clination to God. Gradus remittitur, aílus intermittitur, habitus non amittitur. Some degrees may be remitted, arks intermitted,.but the habit not extinguifht : 1h11 the feed of God remaineth in them. Love is the predominant habit. Sin dads not poffefs the heart inftead of God, r 7oh. 2. 15. The habitual bent of the Soul is snore for God, than for the flefh, or the world : however he fail in force indivi- dual anions, the fcope and tenour of his life is for God, and fincere obedience. There is life and fap at the root, though in the Winter the trees be without leaves and bloffoms. Cant. 5. 2. I jeep, but my heart waketh. There is Faith, and Hope, and Love in their Hearts all this while. The Spirit of God abideth in them, and keepeth alive his work. 2 Tim. a. 14. That good thing which was com- mitted unto thee keep by the Holy Ghofi which dwelletb in us. The Spirit remaineth in the Saints, to maintain the habits of Grace : Their choice of God for their portion remaineth unfhaken. They have chofen the better part, adhere to it, and have a general purpofe to pleafe God in all things. (z.) An univerfal Amber is not ritually incident to the Saints. 'Tis not the Seep of the whole man as to all goodnefs; 'tis not in all parts of the foul. If there be a remits will, and dead affeEtions, yet not a fleepy Confcience ; fomething that taketh Gods' part, as appeareth, becaufe they are unfatisfied with this dull and drowfie eftate. (3.) They are more ear :ly alarmed and rouzed up out of it, than others that fleep the fleep of death. Their Faith and Love is foon awake again, and eafily fet a work for God ; there is fomewhat to work upon. A true Chriftian rifètli by unfeigned repentance, when his Confcience lath but leizure, and helps to delibe- rate, and bethinks what he bath done ; and fo much the better refolveth and be- thinketh himfelf againft his fin for the time to come. (4.) When they rife again, and repent, and do their firft works, they are more earnefl and fervent than they were before : As it were to make amends for their for-