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Ver. 5. xxvth Chapter ?f St. M A T T H E W. 2 7 former languifhing, and to redeem the time they have loft, they double their di- ligence. Thirdly, I come to the Realms of this Sleepinefs. r. There are t¡vo Principles in the Children of God ; the Flefh inclining to fleep, and the Spirit to wake, Mat. 26.41. The Spirit indeed is willing, tut the fejb is weak ; and therefore the degree of Grace which the beft attain unto in this life; is mixed with imperfeEtion. The guiding and commanding faculties do bur imperfeEtly direEt, and the inferiour faculties imperfealy obey. 'Tis the Office of the Underflanding and the Will to command, of the inferiour faculties to obey. There ,is weaknels in all of them ; therefore 'ris faid, lam. 3. 2. In many thins ree offend all. The Underftanding in many things is but a blind guide ; the. Will is but in part reaified, and fo cannot exercde fuch a powerful command over our thoughts, paffions and fenfes. 2. Variety of outward Occurrences, working upon the diverfity of Principles in us : As fometimes we are in a profperous effate, fometimes in deep troubles ; both may caufe this deadnefs and drowfinefs in us. Sometimes deep troubles make us weary of well-doing, '2 The(: 3. 13. fo Heb. 12. 3. Confider him that endured fuch con - tradsElion of finnees, left you be weary, and faint to your minds. Now as this weari- nefs and heavinefs caufeth fleep in the body, fo it doth in the foul. We are tyred in Gods fervice, and then our Wheels are clogged. A man may be fecure in trouble, but ufually he is fo in time of peace. Peace, Wealth and Honour are often abufed to fpiritual dtowfinefs, and fecure neglea of God : Fare flayeth the fool, Prov. r. 32. We had need watch when Delilah fpreadsher lap for us, and the Delights of the world open their bofom to us. Surfeiting with the abundance of worrldly profperity, we neglea -the Power of Religion, and pleafe our felves with the Form. David enjoying peace and plenty flewVriah his Friend, who in his adverfity fpared Saul his Enemy ; yea his heart fmote himbut for the cutting off the Lap of his Garment. In the abundance of outward comforts we fit loot from God ; therefore we have thofécautions, Deut. 8. from ver. 7. to ver. 14. 3. Converting with Spiritual Sluggards, that count it an high piece of wifdom not to be wo forward.- Irreligious Company and Example is a great matter ; and hath. a mighty force upon us : And though it doth not begin fin in the Soul, it Both increafe it, Ifa. 6. 6. Sin is' by propagation, not by Imitation ; but yet the contagion of Example is a great advantage to Corruption. To be among warm, heavenly, mortifyed, fel denying Chriftians, is a great advantage in the fpiritual life : There is a notable provocation and excitement in their example. Saul among the Prophets had his Raptures,. t Sam. to. 1o. Heb. to: 24. Let us provoke one another to Love and good Works. This begets a . holy Emulation who lhall excell ; but carnal Company is a deadning thing. We are more fuf- ceptible of evil than good ; "we catch a difeafe from one another, but we do not get health one from another. By touching the unclean, they became unclean ; -but he that was unclean, was not purified by touching the clean. The Conver- fations of the wicked have more power to corrupt, than the good to provoke and excite to vertue. A man that would keep himfelf awake unto God, and mind the faving of his Soul, muff (bake off evil Company, Pfal. 1 r 9. 115. Depart from me ye evil doers, for I will keep the Commandments of my God. And by evil Com- pany I mean not only the Prophane, who befpeak their own hatred and deteffa- tion by their apparent odioufnefs; but the lode and carelef. As we are to take heed that we be not allured to that which is evil, fo that we be not deadned to that which is good. Negle& of God will keep us out of Heaven as well as Prophanenefs. We eafily leven one another with deadnefs and formality ; fre- quent Society with dead- hearted perlons breedeth it ; fuch whole conference is empty and unfavoury, and altogether of worldly things. Certainly our dulnefs and baciewardnefs is fuch, that we need the molt powerful helps. 4. Another caufe is a dead Worfbip : Miffa non mordet. Chrift compareth fpiri- tual Duties to new Wine, Mat. 9. but the Pharifaical Feaffs to Taplafh, or old unfavoury fluff that hath no 'Spirits : Old Bottles will endure that well enough. Nothing lulleth. the Soul afleep fo much as a perfun&ory Worship, or fìeepy Devo- tions. Chrifts Ordinances are fimple, but full of vertue ; his Inffitutions confci- entioufly obferved, will keep us awake : P(x1.119. 93. I will never forget thy Pre- cepes, for with them thou hall quickned 'me. life them muel1 in Faith and- Obedience, E, 2 and