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Vet. 7, 84 xxvh Chapter orst. MATTHEW. 4 Rife early, and go to bed late ; and hall we put our hand in our bofome, and think all will do well, though we mind our bufinefs only by the, By ? No. If your (cope be to meet Chrift with joy, Religion mutt be your work, and main employment. Secondly, Particularly, wherein you are to fGe,v your diligence. For we flatter our felves with general notions. [ t.] With relpe& to the Means. That ye be without fpot, and blamelefs. The one word relateth to- the Heart ; That we may be without fpot : And the other to our Converfation ; blaniekfs.ì (I.) The firft thing .wherein diligence is to be improved is, the waffling away of our fnful fpots.; or the wafhing: away of fin in the guilt and filth of it, or in a way of Juftification and -Sanftification, t Cor. 6. H. fuing out our Pardon in the name of Chrift ; and by his Spirit ufing all holy means for the cleanfing of our polluted natures. This'; is a work to be done not once, but often : For we are all wafhed but in part, Prov. 20.7. Who can fay his heart is clean? And when we have once wafhed, we are inclined- to defile our felves again, ph. xi. s 3. He that it scathed, needeth not fave to wa fh his feet. Every day we contra& defilement by living bi the World. Our final confummation is in Chrifs day, whenwe ihall be prefenred to God not having fpot or wrinkle, or any fuck thing, Eph. 5. 27. For the prefent, Rill we are cleanfing, and making ufe of the Blood and Spirit of Chrift for that end and purpofe. .. (2.) Blamelefs: That relateth to our Carriage and Converfation, as'tis raid Luk. I. 6. that Zjchary and Elizabeth walked in all the Commandments of God, blamelefs : So fhould we take care that we incurr no juft blame for all thofe things which Chrift bath left in truft with us, as to the improvement of our Talents, keep- ing his Laws, obferving his Ordinances, or carriage to his Servants and all men. [a.] As to the End : That we may be found of him in peace. The word found is often ufed with refpe& to Chrifts fecond coming, 2 Cor. 5. 3. If fo be we (hall not be found naked : Phil. 3. 9. That I may be found in him. 'Tis ufed, becaufe the laft day is a day of exa& fearch and tryal ; and becaufe that day cometh upon the greateft part of the World by way of furprizal : we do not look for it, nor prepare for it, but it cometh unthought of, unexpe&ed by the molt : But , the word found noteth either a Rate of Reconciliation with God, Rom. 5. I. or it no- teth Comfort and Joy, I john 4. 57. The wicked are then at their wits end, Rev. 19. 18. call for the Rocks and Mountains to fall upon them : But when you have made diligent preparation, You may have boldnefs in that day, and lift up your Heads, becaufe your Redemption draweth near. A Peace that will hold out when Chrift cometh, is a Peace indeed ; otlierwife what a terrour will unpardoned guilt, and an unrenewed nature, a fruitlefs. life, and a blemifhed Converfation breed in us? This you fee how the Scripture preTes this. Secondly, What Reafons there are in the thing it feif, to awaken us to this Teri- eus Preparation. s. Becaufe of the perfn coming, our Redeemer, the Bridegroom, the Lord himfelf who is fo great and holy : If we mean to do him honour, we mutt prepare to meet him in the belt manner we can, as the Bride would provide her Orna- ments againft the Nuptial day.. Oh what cleanfing of Soul, what fruitfulnefs and exercife of Grace íhould there be, that we may not put our Redeemer to Ihame, when he cometh to be glorified in his Saints, and to fhew forth the fruits of his Death in us ! I fay, this preparation fhould .be not only for Our own ho- nour, that the Bridegroom may not refufe us his Company and Approbation, i. Pet. r. 7. but for the honour of Chrift, that he may be glorified in the faith- fulnefs and obedience of his Servants, when it !hall be produced to the view of all the World, as the fruits of his Purchafe and Spirit, Eph. 5.27. That he might pre- - feat it to himfelf a glorious Church, not having fpot or wrinkle, or any fah thing, but that it fhould be holy and without blemifh: 'Tis.begun here, and confiummated there) Col. I. 22. and 7ude 25. 2. Becaufe of the manner of his coming ; In power and great Glory. Every coming of Chrift fhould be entettained with great reverence. When our firft. Parents heard but the Voice of God walking in the Gaarlen, in the cool of the day, they hid themfelves from his prefence among the Trees ofthe Garden : When be came to give the Law, Heb. Ia. it was terrible,and made them quake and tremble ; much more, now' G 2 he