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44 SERMONS upon the SER M. VI. he cometh to Judge according to the Law ; when Articles of Faith are to be made objects of Senfe, and God is no linger in a way of tryal with the World. Chrift in the dayes of his Flefh, when lie came not to Judge but to fave, yet fometimes beamed- out his Majefty, as in the miracle of the great draught of Fifhes, Luk. 5. 3. but efpecially when his Enemies fell backward with a look or word from his Mouth, john 18.6. His whipping the Buyers and Sellers out of the Temple, Math. 25. 12. And at his Transfiguration, his Difciples were afraid, Mar. 57.6. If his Voice was fo terrible in the dayes of his flefh, what will it be then ? He came at firlt in the form of a Servant, Phil. z. 6, 7. Now he cometh as Lord and 'Heir of all things, Heb. 5. z. Then he came in the Similitude of finful F1efh, Rom. 8. 3. Now without fin, Heb. 9.28. Then he had a fore - runner, yohn the. Baptift, The voice of one crying in the Wildernefs, Mat. 3. 3. Now the Arch-Angel, s Thef. a. 16. Then he had twelve Companions poor Fisher-men ; now with Saints and Angels his holy ten thoufands, 7xde 7. Then he railed fome few to Life ; now AI! fha/l hear the voice of the Son of God and live, John 5. 28. Then he came ri- ding upon an Ms ; now he fhall come in the Clouds of Heaven, and the Judge shall fit in the Throne of Majefty, fummoning the World to appear before him : As this will be comfortable to the Godly, fo terrible to the unprepared. 3. Becarefe of his work when be cometh ; which is to Judge the World, and to make a ftri &enquiry into the wayes of men ; Revel. zo. 12. And I fain the dead, (mall and great flared before God, and the books were opened, and another book was open- ed which is the book of Life, and the dead were judged out of the things that were writ- ten in the books, according to their works. All anions are let in order, Pik. 5o. 2r. with fuch impartiality and ftriánefs, that we fhould all tremble at the thought of it. Surely if we did believe thefe things, we would prepare our felves accor- dingly ; Aclt 17. 3r. He hath appointed a day wherein he will 3udge the world in nigh - teoufnefs.- God governeth the world now in Righteoulnefs, but the Juftice of God bath not its full (cope and meafitre ; God ufeth patience to the wicked, and Both not give the godly their full reward. God is arbitrary in his Gifts, but not in his Judgments ; all are under a Rule, either the law of Works, or the Gofpel -law, lam. 2. i 2, 13. So freak and fo do, no thole that are to be judged by the law of li_ berty. 4. After judgment, Sentence is pafs'd never to be reverted again. Here there is a poffrbility of retrieving it by Repentance, for here 'cis Sentencia leois, but there cis Sententia 7udicis, there is no appeal from this Sentence : here fettence may be repealed, Ezek. 18. 12. If the wicked (hall tarn from hie fins that he bath committed, and keep my Statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he ¡hall Purely live, he ¡hall not die : Therefore we have need to provide for this day. 5. Prepared or unprepared, we mufä all go forth to meet the Bridegroom : Therefore we had need to confider with our felves whether we are in cafe to meet him or no. Others think we make too much ado about it, but this is the great thing that fhould take up our care and thoughts, whether we are upon a fare bottom fbr Eternity, Lick, r o. 42. This is the one thing necefary : Alas ! that we fhould make no greater matter of ir, and fee our felves about it with no more care and feri- ouCnefs, Pfa. 07. 4. 'Tis necefiìty, and our own neceffrty, and a neceflity for fo great an end ; not to live honourably and comfortably in the world, but for ever with God. In reafon neceffary things Should be preferred before fuperfluous : that which cannot be feared, fhould be firlt regarded. 1.1 SE r. Is to quicken you to route up your felves : And, 2. To trim your Lamps. Gods meffengers in all Ages have railed the cry : Enoch long ago, 7ude 14, 15. Be- hold the Lord cometh with ten thoufands of his Saints: He ¡peaks of it as a thing in being, and aaually in view ; fo do we call upon men : If we had a deeper fenfe and more lively apprehenfions of that day, finely we would more befit our felves. I. To route up our felves : Shake off floath and fecurity, z Tim. 1. 6. Stir up the gift that is in thee: Ifa. 64. 7. There is none that flirreth rep himfelf to take hold of thee. There is need of awakening our felves yet more and more. Confcience is too fleepy, the Will too remifs, the Afleaions are dead and earthly, and are not fo altive and powerful upon our Hearts as they were wont to be : Oh do not refs in a lukewarm drowfie Profeflion, but ferioufly beftir your felves. 2. Trine