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48 SERMONS upon the SERM:Vt. Mule left his Mailer hanging on an Oak ; iò will their Hopes fail them, and their pretences vanifh. (2.) When is this veriáed, and upon what wallow ? Firft, Sometimes i L , : They took Offence at Chrift, his Do&rine; or fome- thing that did accompany it, yohn6.66. At that time many of his'Difciples went back, and walked no more with him ; fòme one prejudice, or other took them off. Secondly, Sometimes at Death : If their Profellion and Hope thereupon tarry fo long, yob 27.8. IfWbat Hope bath the Hypocrite, when God cometh to take away his soul. A man may live by a form, but he cannot die by a form with Comfort; men are more ferious in the confines of Eternity, when prefent Enjoyments ceafe, and we have nothing left to Comfort us, but the expeEtation of the World to come : then we fhall repent that we have been no more provident for Eternity ; if God would fpare them a little longer, they would get Oyl then : when they come to dye, Oh that they could live over their Life again ; men that have negle&ed their time Of prefent profiting, then fee their folly, then how ferious, anxious and fo- licitous are they ! . Thirdly, 'Tis ?gable men may go down with a carelefs Profeßon, and a blind Confidence to the Grave, but in Gods fudl »rent it will not hold out,: For the day of Revelati- on and Manifeflation is hereafter, and every one is not in a fafe Condition that dyeth in Peace, or without aaual horrour and trouble. Ufually indeed, t Cor. 15. 56. The Sting of Death is fin : But 'cis polfible Hypocrites may dye with flupid and benummed Confciences, and therefore Chrifl maketh their vain. Conceits to be blown away in the day of accounts. Matth. 7.22. Many will fay to me in that day, Lord, Lord ! That is, 'till the day of Doom may think their Plea fuflicient. Reafons why this Profit/ion is apt to fail ; for there is a diftin& confideration of there things. r. Becaufe they have a Principle of Apo/lafie in their Hearts /lilt : The Love of fame Created thing is Predominant, as it is in all Temporaries ; either Honour, Riches, or Plealure, which when it cometh to be touched or intrenched upon, Re- ligion mull give way : Chrifrs firfl Lel%n is Self- denyal. 'Till there be an univer- fal Soveraignty of Grace over all our delires: and inclinations, fo as they fhall all give way to the Love of God, fomething is left that will tempt us to leave our Profeffion of Godlinefs, though unwillingly ; as the young man went away fad, Mark. lo. 22. And that which is lame, is faon turned out of the way, Heb.'t2. and therefore we can have no fatisfa&ion and fecurity while any one Luft remain - eth unmortified, if you -are not fallen, you are falling. 2. Becaufe they do not improve what they have received. The great want of Tem- poraries is. the want of a confrant, ferious, lively diligence ; now when men have made a good Progrefs in Religion, and flop there, they lofe what they have, Luk. 8. 18. From him that path not, Jhall be taken -what he feemeth to have ; to him that imployeth his frock, more fhall be given ; but the other is on the lofing hand. Secondly, As to the Hope and Comfort that follorveth this Profefon : An Inclinati- on to that which is good : I fuppofe without that, there can be no true Comfort, 5till we fhould fubmit to the Conditions of the Gofpel -law, ,Matti. 5. 28, 29, 30. There Temporaries are defeErive, all therefore fee it and know it when they are ferious and confederative; and their miftakes and mifconceits are blown away by Death and Judgment ; now the conditions are Believing, Repenting and Gofpel - walking : Now their Faith will not yield Comfort, Gal. 5. 6. Neither Circumcifaon nor Vncircumcifon availeth any thing, but Faith that worketh by love : Not their Re- penting, not a little forrow for fin pail, 'till carnal Diftempers are mortified, 2 Cor. io. So for Gofpel - walking, not a look owning of Chrifl, Mat. 7. 21. 'till there be a full Obedience to his Law, putting it in pra&ice with an upright Heart, which is not confiftent with allowed failings : A man may profefs hemfelf a C hri- flian, yet if he do not his Fathers Will, lie may come Mort. USE, Oh then let us take heed we be not of the number of thofe whole Lamps are gone out : The Lamps of the San&uary were never to go out, but to burn al- wayes, Exod. 17. 20. To this end, 1. Apply your pelves to Çhrifl in the aft of his appointed means, for the renewing your Natures : That his Spirit may give you a new Underfranding and a nec' Heart: