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Ver. 9: xxvth. Chapter tl"St. M A T T H É w. 49 Heart : God hath made the offer, Ezek. 36. 26. and it is only made good tò thole that diligently attend upon the appointed Means. _ 2. Improve what you receive in that way : i Theff. 5. 14. Quench not the Spirit. Fire may be quenched by powring on water, or withdrawing the Fuel: Quench not the Spirit, by flefhly delights, nor by a carelefs Converfation. 3. They ask the wife : Give us of your Ojl. Firfr, This detnand was unfeafona6le ; to be getting Oyl when they fhould ufe it ; to have their Oyl to buy when their Lamps fhould have been burning : There is a time of getting, if we lofe that out opportunity is gone, Luke 14. 32. Ifa. 55. 2. Yob: 9.4. While you have the. day work, for the night cometh in which no man can work. Secondly, It was extorted by meek nece ty : In a time of (traits and difl:reffes men will call upon the People of God to help them, as Pharaoh called for Mofes and Aaron, when Gods Judgements were upon him. SERMON VII. M A T T H. XXV. v. 9. But the m f anfwered, Paying; Not fo, left there be not enough for its and you; but go ye rather to them that fell, and buy for your felves. N the words We have, í. A Denyal. 2. The Reafon of the Denyal. 3. Their advice and Counfel to the foolifh. Firft, The Denyal [not fo J; 'tis not a churlifh and envious Denyal; but fuch an Anfwer as the nature of the thing would bear : If they fhould be fo kind, they would deprive themfelves, and not leave fuffi- cient for them both; therefore they were better take the ttfual way of fupply. Three points are in this Verle. 1 Doff: Every one molt get 0ÿl into his Own Lamp, or get Grace of hia Own, or ale in the day of his Accounts, the Grace of others will do him no good: Secondly, From the Reafon; left there be not enough for us and yote, 2 DoEt. They that have molt grace, have none to (pare. 3 DoEt. If we would get Grace, we mull havé recourfe to the Ordinances. For the firft Point, That every man muff et Grace of his own. (r.) I do not hereby exclude the Righteoufnefs of Chrift, or his communicating his Spirit to us. There is a great deal of difference between Chrit and the Saints in point of Sufficiency, Power and Authority. Firft, They have not a Sufficiency for themfelves and us too : Chrift hath a fulnefs out of which you may receive enough, john 1. 16. 0f his fulnefs we receive grace for grace. There is plenitudo Forttis, ¿ plenitudo Pals the Fulnefs of a Fountain, and the Fulnefs of a Veffel : The fulnefs of a Véffel is lelfened and abated the more you take out of it: the Creature is Wafted by giving, but a fountain is ever flowing, and overflowing, it keepeth its fulnefs frill; though it affordeth to others. God faith to Moles, Numb. ii. is. I will take of the-Spirit that is upon thee, and put it H . spar