Manton - BX8915 M26 1684 v1

592 SERMONS upon. Serm.45 blinded the Minds of them which belieyp not. He blindeth them, and hardneth them,and leadeth them captive by their own Lults. Confider, there is no Neutrality ; We are under Chrift or the Devil. The Devil is a Spirit, he poffeffeth Men when they do not feel him. He is called, the Prince of the Power of the Air ; and infe&ed Air is drawn in without pain, and we get a Difeafe before we feel it, and die of a Pef dent Air. Were you never changed? Cohverfion is a Difpoffeffron. The Devil isinall the Children of Difobedience. Did you ever confent to chufe Chrift for your Mediator, and Lord, and King ? When you refufe Chrift offered, the Devil is moft ready to entertain you, and to enter into you,, and poffefs you the more fecurely. There is a Tradition upon your Refufel, God giveth you then up to Satan, to be blinded and hardned. Therefore confider this, obferve your Court. Some are Satan's Slaves, they that walk in the ways of their own Hearts, and according to the Lulls of the World. John 8.4.4. T are of your Father the Devil, and the Ltßs of your Father ye will do. Satan's Mark and Brand is upon them that live in Malice and Envy againft God, and good Men ; Satan was a Murderer from the beginning ; in filthinefs and uncleannefs, he is an unclean Spi- rit : in railing, fwearing, curling, . whole Tongues are fet on Fire of Hell : tempting, feducing, lying; Satan is a Liar, and a Tempter, enticing to drink and gaming. Again; Is Chrifl in you ? A great deal of Bran will remain, if we ufe too courfe a Bolter.. Doth Chrift dwell in your Hearts ? You will know it by the Effe &s of his Pretence. (i.) Doth Chrift fill the Heart ? So great a Gueft is enough, the Believer defireth no more to his Peace of Confcience,Joy,and compleat Bleffednefs. There is a full acquiefcen- cy of the Soul in Chrift ; he defireth aboveall things to enjoy him. There is áv raeacia, t Tim. 6.6. Godlinef with contentment is great Gain. There is nothing in Heaven or Earth that can fill the hungry Soul of Man, but Jefus Chrift. He that hath his Heart full of Chrift, all things Teem bale and vile to him, a little portion of the World ferv- eth his turn. They are cheap things to Jefus Chrift, after which the World runs a whoring. r Sam. tg. 3o..A'nd Mephibolbeth faid, Nay, let him take all, forafrnuch as my Lord the King is come again in peace unto his Houle. Mephibofheth is contented to fee the King's Face in Peace. They have the Pearl of great Price; there is little room for other things. Chrift filleth every corner of the Heart : Phil. 4. I 2, r 3. I know both bow to be abafed, and I know how to abound ; every where, and in all things; I am inftrut7- ed, both to he full, and to be hungry; both to abound, and to Nib. need. I can do all things through Chrífl which firengthneth me. (2.) He ruleth, and a &eth, and fwayeth all thefe. He doth not dwell as a Stranger or Gueft in another Man's Houfe, or as an Inmate,but as a Lord in his Poffefíon; there- fore he (till dire&eth, counfelleth, quickneth, deftroyeth the Kingdom of Satan, re- neweth us more and more, dwelleth in us as the King of Glory. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty, Light, Joy, Strength, Peace. a. What Entertainment do you give him? The more Faith is inlarged, the more room hath Chrift in thy Heart. With great ehearfulnefs fhould you receive him, not always frowning ; he looketh for Reverence, not confiant Mourning. Do not grieve him by Sin, by fuch things by which the Wrath of God' cometh upon the Children of Difobedience. If an earthly King lie but a Night in á Houle, what care is there taken that nothing be offenfive to him, but that all things be neat, clean, and fweet : How much more ought you to be careful to get and keep your Hearts clean, to perform fer- vice acceptably to him ; to be in the exercife of Faith, Love, and other Graces, that you may entertain, as you ought, your Heavenly King, who comes to take up his con- tinual abode and refidence in your Hearts? FRIS: 9