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A TABLE of the principal Matters contained in this P ART. A. Page Bafement of Chrilt, the truth of it. II Ahoad of Chreft inns, the fruit of Atcbient ; all mutt be called to an Accotent. 55 AJtions; all Altions and Employments have their Temptations. 215 Afniftions, why theybefal God's People. 132 God loves his People in AffliCtion. 344. God is a Father to them in AffliCions. 6 How to carry our feint's in ABiiftions to wards God as a Father. '1 Amba!fadors: Minihers Chrifl's AmbalTdors, and why. z90 Angels, entertain Chrift dt his Afeen/ion. 127 Anointed, who were anointed. 44 What Cht'ifl's anointing iwplys. 4+ To what Chrift was anointed. 45 Antiftripturitts have no true Holinefs. 237 judgments of God on them. 254 Apoftles and ordinary Minifers, how they differ, and wherein they agree. 271 Arrian's 'o teoasma confined: 306 Attention of Chrift what it includes. 6r The Hiftory of it. 121 The Time of it. nor T h e place f r o m whence, and to whence. 1 2 1 The manner of it. 122, Chrilt attended as a Conqueror. 122 AngelsentertainChrtft athitAfcenfiona2z .Chrifl's welcome of the Father at his Attention. 123 The Reafons of it. 123 The Fruits and Benefits of it. 124 A Token of his Satisfoltion. 124 A'Pledg of sur'Afcenfron. 124 Comfort to Believers from hence. 126 How (hall a Man know he is attended with Chrift. 125 Authority of Chrift as Mediator. 167 B. BElie; ers, their Felicity and Dignity. log Comfort to Believers. 295 Believing, vid. Faith. Chrift, what it is. 296 Difference-between belies ing Chrilt,' .and believing in Chrilt. 296 Difference between believing in Christ, and believing in God. 296 Which is mob difficult to believe in Chrift for temporal or for fpiritual things. 172 Blelfrng ; Chrt/t bleffed his Difciples before his Afcenfc n. . 122 Welling and praifittgGod, how they dTer¡ 49, 139 Body : all the Saints make but one Bcdy. 335 And (ball at l /I be all gathered together into one Body. 336 C. CAll to the Miniftry, thenecef(ity of it. 274 Extraordinary, what it is, 271 Not to be expellee( noon. 271 Ordinary, inward, that. 272 s Outward, what. 272 The neeeffty of it. 272 Pag. What Call the fide Reformers had 277 What is to be done where no Call can be hatCz78 How to make out oar Calling to the People. 276 Calling civil, the neceffty of it. 53 What Callings are unlawful. 54 God hails a hand in appointing Mens Callings. ` 54 Every Man to keep in his Calling. - 276 How a Man fouldglorify God in his Cal- ling. 54 EveryCalling harp its Snare. 21 5 Care of. Chrilt over his People. 17t The fruit and foccef of it. 173 Carelefsnefs; whether God hares snort the care- lefs Perlon, or the openly vitious? 229 Caution to ufedin the World, and why. 135 Cenfure ; the whole Body not to be cenfured for the Mifcarriages of fame. 18o Certainty of the Salvation of the EleEt, 78 And of their future Hopes. 350 Charge : what was the Charge God gave 3W concerning the Elect. 7i The ground of this Charge. 77 vid. Covenant of Redemption. Chrift bath a Charge of his People. 134 Chrift is i yal, faithful, tender of his Charge. 171 Children of Gcd, their Prim iledg. -i25 Believers Children of Chrih's Familÿ74,15j Chrilt; what the Word figeti its. 42 vid. Anointed. True God. t7 A di/tine-1 Perfon. from the Father. 40 Sent by the Father, vid. feet. That he came our from God, what itfig, ' nifies. 98 Made known to the Church by degrees. 259 The Holinefs of his Life. 288 Tender of his Servants and Troth. 18 Is ready ro take notice of the good in his People. 96 Speak good of his People to the Father, 80 Tho they have many Failings. 8-o vid. Gentlenefs of Chrift. All that he path is for his Peoples good and Comfort. 125 Chrift in u', what is not to be underflood by it. 387 What is to-be under ftood by it. 389. How he is fetid to be on Believers. 31 t vid. Union. Chrift i; in us, as God is in Chrih. 330 What ntuh we do that Christ may be in us. 33z Arguments to prefì oes to look after this Priviledg. 331 How we may know whether Chrift be in uo.383 Chriftian DOQTlne, the certainty of it. 89 AG ft of God. 90, Church vllible,its it always fume Mixture. 179 The ufe of wicked Men in the Vífible Church. 179, 316. Claim ; falfe Claims to God and Chr/ di f- proved. 108 Comfort , the lofs of the greateft Comforts may be fupplied. 125 Udddd Corn-